Become An Intlock Distributor

Intlock’s Distributor Program enables complementary solution providers, integrators and distributors to gain access to all business, marketing and technology. Resources offer best portal control and monitoring to their solution offerings.

Why become an Intlock Distributor Partner?

Intlock offers attractive packages including price incentives, support bonuses, and in-depth training to qualified professionals upon joining Intlock’s Distributor Program.

By offering Intlock’s product solution mix in conjunction with your existing product offerings and services, you will be able to:

  • Answer the growing demand for portal productivity and usage reports
  • Efficiently meet customers’ demands , without having to direct them to other sources
  • Help customers save in portal infrastructure resources
  • Differentiate yourself from your competition
  • Extend activities and develop additional revenue streams

What you will get as an Intlock Distributor?

  • High quality products and solutions – On Premises and SaaS solutions integrating with Office 365, SharePoint 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and Power BI. .
  • Broaden your product offerings – Intlock’s product covers a wide scope of functions that fit both the corporate and small medium business (SMB) markets. In addition, Intlock’s technology enables our product to be versatile and easily tailored to complement a wide range of corporate enterprise portals.
  • Competitive margin structure and increased revenue.
  • Increased flexibility – expanded business offerings are advantageous when it comes to closing a deal.
  • Technical support – direct support from Intlock’s engineering and service department, including: collaterals, documentation, online support, direct access to R&D, and more.
  • Sales & Marketing support – pre-sales support, referrals, and access to Distributor knowledge base.
  • Training – Intlock’s advanced training courses on analysis and reporting methodology, and CardioLog Analytics’ services.
  • Recognition as a Certified Sales or Service Partner.

Additional benefits

  • Presence in many worldwide countries
  • Qualified leads and lead generation.
  • Increased industry visibility & market awareness through Intlock marketing support initiatives, including: worldwide promotions and joint marketing campaigns.
  • Increased Web presence (advertising in Intlock website’s partner list section).
  • Technical support and access to software updates, including accessibility to Intlock’s technological and product’s tools.
  • An affordable turnkey system that is easy to install and manage, yet won’t break the budget.