Webinar – CardioLog Analytics API – Feb 24, 2014

Join us for a 60 min journey through CardioLog Analytics API abilities. In this webinar we will demonstrate what you can do with the following API components:

  • Extended Tracking – Track visitor interactions such as banner clicks, filling out form fields, playing videos, and more. Monitor internal E-mail campaigns.
  • Data Export API – Connect to the CardioLog reporting engine and refine the results of the request using query parameters.
  • Custom Adaptor – Monitor any environment you’d like within a single web analytics UI, using a single CardioLog license!
  • User Categorization – Connect to any HR database (including AD, SharePoint Profiles, and more), allowing you to filter reports by department, region, or other user attributes, and see information on specific users!
  • Custom Reports – Using CardioLog’s SDK, you can tap into the CardioLog database and create your own reports.