Webinar – Key Success Factors for Enterprise Content Management – Dec 17, 2013

SharePoint has always had a big emphasis on Content Management. This focus has been become stronger version by version. We’ve had more and more options to organize and classify content through sites, lists, libraries and folders, as well as managed metadata and other properties. These tools help build a SharePoint Information Architecture and are the foundation for improving document search within SharePoint. But as that architecture gets more complex, users can get overwhelmed by the amount of content, and can find themselves easily with a tons of siloed content and, at the same time, with lots of content that cannot be found at all. In these scenarios, Search can be a good option to help getting better findability, but sometimes it’s not enough. In this webinar, we’ll discuss some real-world Content Management use cases and demonstrate how content analytics can help to improve in these scenarios.
About Agnes Molnar:

Agnes Molnar has been Microsoft SharePoint Server MVP since 2008 and works as independent consultant, with a strong focus on Enterprise Search and Information Management. Her expertise extends beyond SharePoint, with years of experience with connected backend systems. She has co-authored and contributed to several books and e-books, and she’s a regular speaker at various conferences around the globe. On her blog, she provides high quality articles and guidance covering Enterprise Search and Content Management best practices.