Webinar – Search as Application – Much more than technology with Agnes Molnar, SharePoint Server MVP – May 21, 2014

Most people think of Search related to content. But two other dimensions, User and Context are at least as important as the Content itself: Who is searching? In what context? What is the intent of the search?

Good search solutions support each of these dimensions, but of course, it takes much planning and “gardening”. One of the biggest challenge is the quality metadata, both on the content and the users. Without proper metadata, our Search solution cannot be optimal, or even worse: it’ll be useless.

But it’s true the other way, too: if we improve our Search solution, it might have a positive effect on our content, too. Therefore, it’s essential to analyze our users’ Search behavior and take actions regularly based on the results of these analytics. Some examples:

  • Search Phrases – What users were searching for.
  • Failed Phrases – What queries ended with zero results.
  • Navigation / Page Views for Search Result Pages – How they’re used.
  • Visitors of Search Center – Who are the key users, who should be involved more or trained, etc.

In this webinar, we’re providing answers and best practices for these questions, along with a deeper look at CardioLog Analytics, the leading web analytics solution designed for SharePoint intranet, extranet and internet sites.