Webinar – CardioLog Analytics Product New Version, Features and Enhancements – Jul 10, 2014

In this webinar we will introduce to some of our new features such as:

  • New social reports for SharePoint 2013 analyzing top groups, user adoption rate, group activity, top and influential users and more.
  • Enriched Yammer reports present concrete data on groups, users, adoption rates, and external networks, along with content to get a deeper insight on company Yammer activity and usage.
  • New Portal Administration Reports that offer Content Contributions Table, Active Sites Table, Community Sites Table, Communities Activity Table, Average Number of Contributions per User Meter/Chart, Broken Links Table.
  • Enhanced Campaigns module whereby users can create personalized content or display survey for user feedback and insight, or message bar that appears as a sleek marquis on the UI for traffic coming from campaigns and shorten links.
  • New UI for the diagnostics dashboard that is user friendly and attractive.
  • Custom black list rules, for example administrators or analysts can filter out single page visits to the home page so that these statistics are not included in data reports.
  • KPI email alerts for meter reports is an option to set automatic preset KPI criteria to receive an alert when the condition occurs.
  • New design for webparts
  • Show a survey on search results page when there are no results asking what the user was looking for, if their needs were met and any customized feedback requested to improve efficiency, engagement and collaboration.

CardioLog Analytics is also available for SharePoint Online.

We will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Following the webinar we will send the recordings and additional information. Also our support team will send an email with product update instructions and offer a technical session at your convenient time.