Taking the time to properly plan your SharePoint portal adoption and management strategies is more important than ever. A Proof of Concept is a great place to begin, easing your deployment and your business goals. By choosing a CardioLog Analytics POC, you'll be able to attain a more in-depth understanding of how analytics can improve your organization's SharePoint/Microsoft Office 365 portal, Yammer, and Microsoft Teams, by boosting adoption levels, driving productivity, increasing engagement, enhancing usability and more.

With a CardioLog Analytics POC, you'll be able to use the solution in your own environment with CardioLog Analytics' support services by your side. Our professional team will deploy the product for you and work with you throughout the process to make sure your reporting needs are met with flexibility and ease.

  • Review Requirements
  • Preliminary Activites
  • Define Purpose, Goals and Objectives

Session #1: 1 Hour

Planning and

Session #2: 1 Hour


Session #3: 1 Hour

Health check


Session #1: 1 Hour


  • In this session we will go over some key reports, how to use them and main functionalities.
  • Brief introduction with the end users, what are their expectations and needs. We recommend doing this session a few days after the setup, so we can have some data in reports.

Session #2: 1 Hour

Basic Training

  • Tailoring reports based on customer requirements
  • Additional reports and capabilities
  • Time for questions and answers. Between 1-2 weeks after session #1, after end users had a chance to play with reports. If users have specific information they would like to see, it’s recommended to send these requirements to us, to make the session more effective

Session #3: 1 Hour

Advanced Training
and Q&A

Time for questions and answers. Between 1-3 weeks after session #2

Session #4: 1 Hour

Summary & Conclusion

  • POC summary
  • Feedback and Reviews
  • Next Steps