Community Sites Report


For centuries, people have been working in groups to get results – councils, congress, government parties, conferences, partnerships and the list can go on. Without question, there’s a synergy and brilliance that can arise from group collaboration. Learning from each other and sparking each other’s interests with ideas can lead to some of the most remarkable results and developments within organizations.

As increasing efforts to work collaboratively online on social platforms grow daily, you now have the opportunity to understand your organization’s SharePoint Social Collaboration efforts within the community sites that are formed.

With CardioLog Analytics’ Community Site Reports, you can gain precise knowledge of which community sites are attracting members with reports generating the name of each community site and number of members within it. With the ability to get more information on the community’s activity, you can see how productive the communities are, and then check each community to see which topics they’re interested in discussing.

Communities Activity Reports also breakdown the details of your community building with the SharePoint Social platform by providing the name of the group and the number of discussions and replies. This way you can get a better sense of which groups are generating more content. For communities that are pertinent to internal and external partnership, you may even be able to gather an idea of how much discussion and focus is generated to get ideal results for a successful project. Department managers can learn about where they may need to intervene and how efforts can be generated efficiently to improve productivity and ultimately meet goals.

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