Is Yammer User Participation Up To Par? Inactive Users Reports

In a company each individual somehow needs to be part of a collective effort but still work independently. Many times the phrase “I’m a team player, but I work well independently” comes up when employers ask about what kind of employee you are. This is not exclusive to Yammer users. Yes, your company invested in one of the top enterprise social networks on the market and then integrated it into your SharePoint portal. So you were supposed to create a user account, but are you actually using it? Are you making the effort to actively be a part of your company’s Yammer community?

Find out the facts about your inactive Yammer users with CardioLog Analytics’ Inactive Users reports. In table form, see which users are registered and have set up their account but aren’t really making that team effort in the Yammer sphere. With all of that time and money invested into your SharePoint portal’s Yammer integration, every single employee should be maximizing their opportunities for social portal collaboration. Identify those who aren’t, and then get them on the right track with training, evangelist guidance or find out what’s holding them back at all. Then get them yammering away.

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