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CardioLog Analytics (tm)

SharePoint Reporting
For Enterprises

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For SharePoint Online (Microsoft Office 365), 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, Viva Engage (Yammer), Sitrion and other 3rd party solutions

CardioLog Analytics is a premier analytics solution designed specifically for SharePoint. It enables you to improve the usability of your intranet, drive portal collaboration, boost user engagement and enhance the overall productivity of your business.

  • For All SharePoint Editions
  • Easy Deployment
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Social Reports
  • Portal User Engagement
  • Support and Professional Services

CardioLog Analytics offers the most enhanced analytics solution. It understands the need for your SharePoint analytics experience to be user-friendly and easy to maintain. The solution includes both on-premise and on-demand (SaaS) and is designed specifically for use with Microsoft SharePoint sites - including intranet portals, extranet and websites. It provides accurate and insightful information about your SharePoint usage based on site structure and content. Therefore, the solution allows you to plunge into uncharted analytic territory, where an entire ocean of portal data awaits you. You can use this data to produce reports on any aspect of your portal, thus improving your ability to optimize your SharePoint environments.

CardioLog Analytics automatically imports information on the employees and partners using your intranet portal, due to smooth integration with the data stored in Active Directory and SharePoint user profiles. This enables an easily filtered and controlled scope of your reports, to create visitor segments used to deliver personalized content.

With visitor engagement tools, such as surveys and message bars, you can open two-way personalized communication with portal users, acquiring insightful feedback from them. Increasing your portal’s usability, and engaging users to make them feel valued, is simplified.

Display usage reports within your own SharePoint sub-site and make recommendations to users in real time, based on data such as the most popular documents. Your needs are met with three different ways to display CardioLog reports on your site, ranging from a simple web part solution to a sophisticated developer API. If you’re looking for an On-premise or On-demand (SaaS) analytics solution that integrates seamlessly with SharePoint, CardioLog Analytics is here to guide you.

Left quote If one of my colleages asked “What’s the best sharepoint analyics tool?” my answer would be CardioLog Analytics with its deep social integration and ease of use Right quote
By Jerry Bendobler, Nordson
Personal Demo
Personal Demo

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