SharePoint Reports – CardioLog Analytics Roadmap

Intlock is constantly dedicated to helping you improve the effectiveness of your SharePoint portals and websites as well as your social platforms. By embracing the newest technology and responding to customer feedback, Intlock seeks to adapt our solution based upon the most up-to-date innovations. Below is our analytics roadmap that details some of the new features, platforms supported, and changes on the horizon.

Among the changes being made include a new intuitive user interface, extended social and engagement tools and reports, improved performance monitoring, and more.

Enhanced User Interface

Intlock is proud to introduce a new exciting user interface to the CardioLog Analytics dashboard. The new features will grant you the power to have a more customizable experience when building reports. The menus will be even more intuitive than before, making your analytics journey with CardioLog Analytics simpler and more user friendly. If you’re looking for more freedom when creating your dashboards, the new user interface will exceed your expectations.

One of the most exciting new features within the new user interface is the new Wiz Tips feature included in the on screen tour. As your business users become acclimated with the CardioLog Analytics dashboard, they can utilize Wiz Tips as a way of becoming more comfortable with the various components. Wiz Tips acts as a pop-up feature, introducing and explaining the different functionalities available within CardioLog Analytics.

Extended Social Platform Reporting

In addition to our current reports, Cardiolog Analytics is continuing to improve its’ social reporting features for Yammer Analytics, Sitrion Analytics and SharePoint Social Analytics. New Sitrion reports are now available to improve your Sitrion reporting experience. Your ability to analyze social adoption, collaboration, and engagement levels are taken to new heights with these new reports.

The following Sitrion reports will be available in CardioLog Analytics:

  • Campaign Center Level Activity – This report will give you a rundown of how your campaigns are doing in Sitrion. Track the number of active campaigns in the campaign center, the total number of ideas submitted, total number of votes, and number of comments.
  • Campaign Center Active User Category – Utilize this report to track campaign center active users by category, the total number of ideas submitted, total number of votes, and number of comments.
  • Unique Voters – Gain access to the total number of unique voters within Sitrion, as well as the number of comments. You can filter by standard filters (date range, website item, users and groups, visitor segments), as well as by individual campaigns. This allows for the breakdown of idea submitters per campaign.
  • Most Popular Campaigns – Learn what the most popular ideas being proposed are in Sitrion.

Performance Monitoring

To ensure that SharePoint is running smoothly, IT professionals need to monitor farms, servers applications, services, and performance closely. Regular preventive maintenance is necessary to prevent problems from happening. This can enable administrators in creating a plan that will minimize the damage to the portal when a problem occurs. CardioLog Analytics now is now offering server performance monitoring, including reports on memory, CPU, Disk Utilization, and Network Activity (load time). This new feature ensures that the health of your SharePoint portal is being regularly monitored, to ensure your portal is functioning at its most optimum levels.

Enhanced Map Reports (based on AD attributes/SP user profiles)

The new enhanced map reports gather information from internal data that already exists within the active directory and within SharePoint user profiles. This means that not only can you see where on the map your users are accessing SharePoint, but you can also see their names and departments. As the current map reports are based on IP address, the new map reports will be based upon AD attributes for internal environments. This is an important feature, allowing administrators deep insights into where users are interacting with SharePoint the most, and the least, based upon their geographic locations.

Integration with SharePoint Roles and Permissions

With CardioLog Analytics, you will be able to automatically customize the reporting data for different users based on their SharePoint roles and permissions. Users will have access to analytics data only for items to which they have view permission within SharePoint. The old way of manually assigning report permissions based on Active Directory authentication is still available.

Top Web Parts Report

The Top Web Parts Report is designed to give you valuable information on which web parts of your site are being accessed and utilized the most. The report displays a ranked list of the different web parts, and includes data on which sites and pages those web parts belong to.


Disclaimer from Our Legal Department:

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