CardioLog Analytics Teams Reports: Measure, Track and Impact the adoption and productivity in Microsoft Teams

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Quote CardioLog Analytics helps customers optimize their business operations and gain real-time data faster Quote – Kirsten Edmondson Wolfe, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Microsoft Corp. Microsoft Teams is a hub for communication and collaboration that helps teams stay organized, sync their efforts and have their conversations all in one place. It is important for organizations to drive the adoption,consumption and collaboration in this platform in order to connect employees to each other and leverage Teams’ powerful content, thus improving business value. In order to drive Microsoft Team adoption and maximize its potential impact, it is important to track its activity and usage on a sustained basis to know what is going on on this platform and drive users to adopt Teams to its full capacity.

CardioLog Analytics enables you to track the Teams adoption and usage that matter most to you with an insightful array of reports available at your fingertips.

Adoption rates, engagement, and collaboration levels are of the utmost important factors, when considering ROI within any Office 365 application, especially Teams. Our intuitive and holistic dashboards provide the most crucial insights with measurable statistics and goals for your Microsoft Teams activity.

teams analytics dashboard

In a digital workplace that’s both dynamic and constantly looking to expand business opportunities, there’s an increasing need to maximize corporate productivity and collaboration overall and within Office 365 for end-user efficiency.

Master your ability to improve Teams adoption, collaboration and engagement levels with our advanced reports to escalate ROI.

  • microsoft teams influential users

    Most influential users

    to help assist motivation of inactive users

  • microsoft teams inactive users

    Most inactive users

    to know who to target with training and support

  • most active teams analytics

    Most active teams

    to get a benchmark of what a successful team looks like

  • teams and channels

    Filter by Teams and channels

    to understand exactly how active each team is

CardioLog Analytics is fully integrated with Microsoft Teams along with other Office 365 applications, which create a synergy and unique position enabling our expert team of developers to ensure the meticulous analysis and tracking of your Teams activity.

Most inactive users to know who is not using the platform to its full potential
See exactly how many members, channels and messages each team has
Most shared files to track users’ productivity and collaboration in Teams
Most used apps to know which apps to promote and give training for

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