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Monitoring and optimizing SharePoint can be overwhelming. CardioLog makes it easier. Enterprise organizations are gaining valuable insights by leveraging CardioLog Analytics for SharePoint and Social. Curious to know how they're achieving such success? Read more to find out.

An enterprise pharmaceutical corporation of approximately 11,400 employees with a presence in over 100 countries worldwide, was seeking a solution for a variety of SharePoint environments. With the diverse intranet and extranet environments at Allergan in a range of their international offices, the corporation sought a comprehensive solution to monitor all of the environments. Having explored various options, including Webtrends and Omniture, they decided upon CardioLog Analytics.

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Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, an organization with over 2,000 employees, improves overall adoption rates across the board, and optimizes their SharePoint collaboration sites to connect internal and external users. Along the way, they discovered new and exciting ways to leverage analytics to monitor training efforts, meet regulatory compliance, and enhance communication across departments. Here's how they took their SharePoint portal to the next level CardioLog Analytics.

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A 5,000 plus employee corporation finds their SharePoint portal's activity crucial to sustain newsletter readership, and comes out on top of their game with user adoption rates increased thanks to CardioLog Analytics' excellent reports. Here's a glimpse of how Nordson transformed their vision into reality with CardioLog Analytics usage reports.

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A pharmaceutical company spanning 34 countries was looking to increase collaboration and productivity within their organization. After deploying a new Microsoft Office 365 portal, they were struggling with adoption in SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. After implementing CardioLog Engage, they found internal communication was the most effective way to improve communication between their employees.

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A non-profit Christian charity organization of approximately 1,000 employees spanning worldwide was seeking a solution for a number of SharePoint environments. With a diverse range of needs across more than 25 countries, Open Doors needed a solution that could deliver concise reporting about vital portal activity. The necessity for a system to measure was clear, and once they tested out CardioLog Analytics, the decision was evident; CardioLog Analytics was the only reporting solution that could deliver accurate and comprehensive reports on all aspects of portal activity.

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Hines Interests Limited Partnership is a privately owned real estate firm involved in real estate investment, development and property management worldwide. With offices in 110 cities in 18 countries, Hines is one of the largest real estate organizations in the world. Hines utilized CardioLog Analytics as a means for acquiring real data statistics and concrete results over a broad spectrum of reports. Hines' IT department was looking for a solution that would report on every aspect of their portals usage, and CardioLog proved to be the only solution that fulfilled all of their needs.

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A State Government was seeking a solution to enhance and organize their SharePoint environments, and with a user base of 50,000, they needed a sophisticated analytics solution that was capable of providing them with comprehensive, data- driven answers. Their technology goals were to develop an information technology strategy and to implement systems capable of managing both current needs and anticipated growth.

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ATR, a leading aircraft manufacturer, was looking for a means to optimize their extranet portal. After implementing and using CardioLog Analytics, they found the analytics solutions was an integral resource to understand and optimize their intranet system as well.

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St. Paul's Catholic College is a progressive academic institution with over 3000 intranet users, including students, staff and parents. With the diverse users accessing the school's portal and their avid belief in technology being an integral part of the academic community, it was vital for the Web and E-Learning team to track usage and ensure the portal was an efficient tool for content, updates and links that needed to be easily accessible and available to all users. With CardioLog Analytics, the academic community at large at St. Paul's Catholic College has an optimized and productive portal.


Krohne is a top industrial products manufacturer, with offices and intranet portals used internationally. When overseeing operations of a company of over 3000 employees, understanding and tracking usage to optimize portal productivity is essential to increase efficiency and meet end user needs. Krohne's necessity for deeper insights on their intranet activity and their eagerness to drive portal adoption further, compelled the IT team to implement a tool that offered intricate and detailed reports on their portal acitivity. That's when the company turned to CardioLog Analytics.

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Republic Services is a leading provider of domestic non-hazardous solid waste collection services. It provides these collection services for industrial, municipal, and residential customers through more than 375 collection companies in 42 states. CardioLog Analytics is successfully in use at Republic Services to monitor and analyze their SharePoint intranet portal and internet publishing portal.

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Piraeus Bank Group decided to implement CardioLog Analytics when they began production on their Knowledge Base portal. "It was very important for us to monitor how, when, and where the portal was being used by our employees", says Dimos Mantas Application Developer at Piraeus Bank.

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Phoenix is a leading insurance company for over 60 years and manages billions of dollars in assets. Phoenix has more than 1,500 employees and over 5,000 partnerships with contractors, dealers and resellers who distribute Phoenix's products. Phoenix's online selling activities are a vital channel for the company's revenue. Since 2008, CardioLog Analytics has been in use at Phoenix to monitor their extended SharePoint environments which include internet, intranet and extranet.

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