Why SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365 Analytics on SaaS?

Benefits of Selecting CardioLog Analytics SaaS?

In the past few years, an increasing number of small and mid-sized companies have begun using intranet portal features and functionalities. These organizations currently utilize the latest intranet SaaS-based services available in order to reduce their setup, software, hardware, and maintenance costs, as well as to minimize IT resources. Once setup is complete, key organizational decision makers begin to ask questions regarding the portal’s value and how to improve ROI. At this point, they seek out methods to gain an accurate picture of their portal user productivity and consumption levels. Most portal vendors are aware of this fragile point in the life of an average portal stakeholder and provide various tools, functionalities, and reports that aim to boost user productivity and enhance portal adoption. CardioLog Analytics does just that, and more, providing robust reporting options, as well as collaboration and engagement tools.

SaaS Analytics for SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365

The business goals you have set out to achieve with the use of Microsoft Office 365 and/or SharePoint become easier to attain and accomplish with the activity and usage tracking statistics that CardioLog Analytics SaaS provides. Surpassing the basic standards and aiming to assist our customers with innovative tools, CardioLog Analytics SaaS includes Yammer and SharePoint Social reports, as opposed to other analytics providers that provide only standard web analytics metrics. We always remember that behind every Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint portal there is an end user and administrator, so to increase engagement and collaboration with ease and agility, yielding higher adoption rates, we also created an exclusive set of engagement and collaboration tools.

Using Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint usage reports with engagement business solutions creates new opportunities for managers to increase portal collaboration and drive employee productivity, thus leveraging the most important asset an organization possesses: human capital. Empowering and cultivating this resource requires innovative management, clear portal goals, and the right tailor-made Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint analytics tools.

CardioLog Analytics SaaS helps organizations improve their Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint environments by providing insights that can help them address issues and challenges within their portal. This is exemplified by four main pillars: improving SharePoint adoption, increasing user engagement, boosting portal productivity, and easing migration processes. CardioLog Analytics SaaS’s integration with Power BI helps these organizations attain a better understanding of user behavior, including their portal interests, as well as their pain points.