GAMIFY for SharePoint & Office 365

Drive SharePoint Loyalty and Adoption Through the Power of Gaming



The Only Solution that Displays Metrics to End-Users

GAMIFY is a state-of-the-art solution for driving productivity and adoption through a gamified user experience. It helps you make your activities, content, and your users more visible on the intranet, with an end-goal of boosting SharePoint adoption. GAMIFY is the first of it’s kind. More specifically, it’s the only solution that allows you to display powerful metrics, badges, scores and achievements to your users within the SharePoint/Office 365 platform. You can easily display powerful data to your end-users through web parts and message bars, allowing them a quick glance at how they’re doing from the moment they enter the portal. GAMIFY’s engagement technology motivates users by allowing them to see how they compare to their peers, and how their groups compare to other groups within the organization.

With the power of psychology and gaming, GAMIFY closes the portal engagement gap and works to consistently engage users in the portal. And it doesn’t stop there – End-Users don’t simply have the ability to view data on how they’re performing in the portal – GAMIFY actually gives them real-time feedback on how they can take action to increase their score and get to the next level with action-oriented tips! Increasing User Adoption is managed on a consistent basis with the help of GAMIFY – motivating and encouraging users through each step of their portal journey.


Using GAMIFY, your organization can:

  • Increase Adoption – Drive repeat visits to SharePoint, to ensure compliance and communication requirements are met
  • Drive Social Engagement – Create a strong social driver for the use of SharePoint and continue being active
  • Use recognition to reward contributions and drive employee adoption via badges, leaderboards, and tokens
  • Tap into User Motivation – encourage users with targeted user-dashboards and web parts within SharePoint, displaying their engagement score, how they compare to their peers, their best performing content and next-step suggestions
  • Improve onboarding and training processes with user score updates and next-step suggestions