Engage Walk Through for SharePoint, Microsoft 365, and Teams

Help guide your employees through training or help with next steps in the process

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Use Case Step by Step Solution Cardiolog Engage
Training Enable the tooltip for a step-by-step guide to train employees on the portal
Help people who get stuck The tooltip will appear and offer help when someone is inactive on a page for more than a minute
Encourage return visits For users who have visited the new site once but haven’t returned, send them an SMS/email inviting them to come back
Send a message to just the active Sales team members Choose your targeted audience when designing your message - you can target everyone or a specific segment based on their organizational information and their past behavior
Send an important message that won’t get lost in the inbox You can send a message via email, text, in-app message on SharePoint, automated phone call
Help people complete a task Pop-up appears on the screen prompting you for your next steps once you’ve been inactive on the screen for a few minutes
Collect employee feedback Schedule and trigger survey’s based on user behavior in the portal
Increase corporate productivity Create surveys to find out the best time for everyone to attend the meeting
Improve change management Use Engage to run awareness and training campaigns to manage your migration or new technology rollouts


CardioLog Engage supports all popular communication channels, all in one place. You can send emails, text messages (SMS), automated phone calls or show in-app (pop-up) messages directly on SharePoint and Microsoft 365. We even support other third party services via web hooks.

If you do not want to deal with choosing a specific channel, you can leave it to Engage and use its unique smart channel that will find (with the help of CardioLog Analytics) the right place and the right time to push the message to the employees based on their past behavior.

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"Using CardioLog Engage we can easily communicate with our employees about company events, changes in the organization and even drive them to fill up HR related forms."

Jane Smith, HR director


Our pricing is calculated by the amount of users and messages you send monthly.
If you are CardioLog Analytics customer, you are entitled to a customer courtesy discount.



  • Pop-up (in-app) and SMS
  • 1,000 users
  • * SMS package is required



  • Pop-up (in-app), SMS and email
  • 10,000 users
  • * SMS and email packages are required



  • Pop-up (in-app), SMS, email and automated phone call
  • 25,000 users
  • * SMS, email and automated phone call packages are required

* SMS, email and phone call packages will be priced based on geographic location(s)

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