SharePoint Marketing Suite Features

Developed With Microsoft for SharePoint

The SharePoint Marketing Suite is a unique solution tailored specifically for SharePoint. Specifically designed for SharePoint environments, SharePoint Marketing Suite's various marketing solutions and tools take the SharePoint portal one step further. It provides insightful marketing and analytic data based on SharePoint's taxonomy, hierarchy, metadata, and content. The solution allows one to control and monitor business processes, knowledge management, and website activity. Thus, SharePoint Marketing Suite empowers organizations to make informed decisions, and ensures the success of online marketing programs.

The SharePoint Marketing Suite is a collection of web analytics and website optimization products that provide insight into the performance of online marketing initiatives, empowering organizations to make informed decisions, and ensure the success of online marketing programs.

Web Analytics

Real time analytics, custom event tracking, path analysis, internal search, Data Export API, customized dashboards, reports and alerts

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SharePoint Surveys

Voice of customer surveys, page-based comments, website satisfaction polls

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Behavioral Targeting

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Visitor Profiles

User segmentation, demographics, audience targeting, user engagement, user activity reports

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Campaign Tracking and Advertising Effectiveness

Campaign and traffic sources tracking, goal and funnel analysis

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SEO violations and errors, page and website speed, search engines and keywords reports

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Website Goals

Conversion rate, converted users, goal funnel, goal value, and more

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Message Bar

Personalized and customized banner at the top of your portal page, can include link.

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