Website Optimization

Realize Your Site’s Potential From First Click to Final Conversion

Accurately measuring the appeal and usability of your website’s content is the first step toward achieving website optimization – a website that is tailored personally to the interests and needs of individual customers, that makes a good first impression on visitors when they arrive on your landing page, and instantly engages them with user-friendly design.

The SharePoint Marketing Suite has a range of intelligent and easy-to-use website optimization tools that help you do all these things. Our AB and multivariate testing first help you assess how relevant your content is, which then paves the way for you to personalize your content for different audiences with behavioral targeting. Intlock’s website optimization tools also ensure that the first thing visitors see is a great landing page, and they also help maximize website usability to give your potential customers the best possible online experience.

  • Identify your website’s most effective content
  • Deliver the right content to the right people
  • Maximize your site’s impact – from registration form optimization to final conversion
  • Optimize website usability with good design

AB Testing

You have the power to measure the relevance and effectiveness of your website’s content, thanks to the SharePoint Marketing Suite’s multivariate and AB testing tools. Carrying out AB testing and multivariate testing across any online channel – assessing everything from images and individual pieces of text to entire page layouts – helps you boost website usability and attain website optimization. What’s more, creating and running multivariate and AB testing requires zero IT involvement.

Assigning a value to each interaction between a potential customer and your website, multivariate and AB testing allows you to build up an increasingly detailed profile that measures a potential customer’s engagement. While AB testing allows for fast design selection, multivariate testing enables you to assess many different variations with smaller traffic requirements and fewer combinations. Such in-depth testing is the key to website optimization, enabling you to identify your most relevant and engaging content and ultimately leading you to optimize website usability, boost your appeal in the eyes of your potential customers and help you maximize conversions. Read more

Behavioral Targeting

The SharePoint Marketing Suite’s behavioral targeting module helps you tailor your website to different visitors, turning potential customers from anonymous online traffic into individuals. SharePoint audience targeting offers you a rich insight into who your visitors are and what they want from your site, which will empower you to achieve website optimization and lend you a competitive edge. Behavioral targeting enables you to increase visitors’ engagement by using real-time website personalization. SharePoint audience targeting enables you to detect visitors’ behavior and immediately adapt your content to what they want to see, helping you build up their trust and brand loyalty. Our behavioral targeting module is a list of website personalization rules, and each rule is a combination of a page, a UI element and a visitor segment. Behavioral targeting quickly creates these rules for displaying customized content and messages on your website according to specific visitor segments, profiles and channels.

The visitor segment element is key to the website personalization process. Our intelligent SharePoint audience targeting tools empower you to see who plans to buy and who’s just looking, helping you to target your marketing, attain website optimization and drive conversions. The visitor segment element of the website personalization rule can be based on various pieces of information from the potential customer, such as whether they are a new or returning visitor, where they’ve clicked on your site before, and how many previous visits they’ve made. Further useful information for SharePoint audience targeting can come from the traffic source, such as how the visitor found your website and what keywords they used to get there. For example, a simple SharePoint audience targeting strategy would be segmentation of viewers who arrived at your website by searching for a certain word on a search engine. All in all, such testing leads to powerful website personalization. Read more

Landing Page Optimization

The SharePoint Marketing Suite’s website optimization tools help you evaluate whether your landing page has the most engaging content, boosts your website usability, and maximizes your chances of achieving your business aims. Our landing page optimization tools can help you take your landing page to the next level, ensuring that you make a good first impression on your visitors.

Our landing page optimization tools can help you measure your page design, text and layout through a wide variety of tests. Landing page optimization testing eliminates guesswork, getting straight to the heart of what’s going to work best on your website. Setting up more than one page in order to test different variables can be an invaluable element of landing page optimization. Testing subject headers and the length of your text are factors that can usefully indicate what is going to improve website usability and attract visitors and what is likely to discourage them. For example, perhaps you’ll find you achieve website optimization with short, tightly focused copy on your landing page or, on the other hand, you’ll find that too little information drives potential customers away. In addition, registration form optimization is equally important, and testing the number of fields in a registration form can help you on your way to achieving form optimization. Perhaps you’ll learn through form optimization testing that asking for too much information puts potential customers off, or perhaps you’ll find that having many fields is a useful way of gathering rich data about your visitors and helps you achieve form optimization.

The SharePoint Marketing Suite’s segmentation tools are also on hand to help you achieve landing page optimization. Your landing page is often your first point of contact with potential customers, and so website personalization is particularly crucial here – from relevant special offers to a whole look that’s targeted to a specific segment. By teaming up each ad source with its own landing page you’ll make sure you’re giving your potential customers what they want, and put yourself well on the way to website optimization. Read more

Website Usability Optimization

The SharePoint Marketing Suite help you achieve maximum website usability, offering a range of tools to ensure that your visitors can easily and intuitively attain their objectives. With our versatile SEO reports you can identify problems like broken links, missing pieces of content and performance issues – factors that can make visitors drop out of your site in frustration. Taking these issues into account will help you optimize your business’s potential. In addition, our visitor recording tools provides rich data, capturing every move of the mouse and every click that potential customers make on your website, enabling you to maximize your website’s user-friendliness. And our path and click analysis reports tell you what’s engaging your visitors’ interest, as well as what might be driving them away. Read more