Website Usability Tools | Website Optimization


Getting potential customers to come to your site is half the battle, but it’s a wasted effort if they find your website difficult to use once they arrive. Succeeding in today’s competitive world requires a well-designed, easy-to-navigate website that allows customers to find what they’re looking for, and helps you to boost your conversion rates.

The SharePoint Marketing Suite employs a tactical approach to help you achieve maximum website usability. We offer a range of tools to ensure that when potential customers visit your website they can easily and intuitively attain their objectives.

The SharePoint Salesforce plugin empowers your reps to know, for example, where on your website a potential customer is clicking, and how they arrived at your site in the first place, empowering you to make the smartest decisions for your business.

  • Optimize your site using testing tools
  • View path and click analysis reports
  • Understand user experience through visitor recordings
  • Identify page performance issues and errors through SEO reports
  • Use surveys to ask visitors for feedback about website and page usability
  • Ensure your website is attractive and easy to navigate
  • Avoid common pitfalls in web design
  • Protect your business’s credibility and reputation

Website usability optimization involves enhancing your site so that its content is understandable and the interface meets the needs of your potential customers. When a visitor has a negative experience, they’re less likely to convert and may not make a repeat visit. Website usability has a crucial bearing on your business’s credibility and reputation. Ensuring your site is easy to use inspires the confidence of your potential customers, and means you’re more likely to encourage visitors to come back again, increase your conversion rates and ultimately boost your revenues.

The SharePoint Marketing Suite offers a range of tools to help you maximize your website’s user-friendliness. Visitor recording, for example, enables you to capture every move of the mouse and every click your visitors make on your website, and our path and click analysis reports tell you what’s engaging your visitors’ interest, as well as what might be driving them away. In addition, the quickest way to know what your visitors think of your site is to ask them. With our dynamic surveys you can get right to the heart of the matter, asking key questions such as “Did you find what you were looking for?”.

Without website usability testing, it could be that you’re detracting from your brand, rather than enhancing it. The SharePoint Marketing Suite’s evaluation of website usability can help you put your finger on potential problems – and assist you in solving them. Website usability is a combination of factors that influence your potential customers’ experience of your site. Common problems that affect their experience include slow loading times, confusing navigation, an overly complicated interface, errors in the system and incorrect information. The SharePoint Marketing Suite’s versatile SEO reports enable you to detect problems like broken links, missing pieces of content and performance issues –factors that can have a direct impact on your business, making frustrated visitors drop out in search of a more user-friendly option. Taking such issues into account will help you maximize website usability and your business’s potential.

Gaudy colors and unappealing design also play a role in website usability. It’s important to remember that you’re only one click away from losing a conversion. It’s incredibly easy for a web user to move away from something that doesn’t appeal to them. Providing an attractive site is critical because it keeps visitors returning time after time. Consideration of user experience is essential in order to optimise website usability. Our testing tools can easily help you determine what’s working best for your site.

Tweaks and piecemeal changes to your site can create as many problems as they solve. The SharePoint Marketing Suite offers a complete website usability analysis that will help you create a powerful and profitable site. Our rigorous approach takes into consideration your customers’ entire online behavior. Intlock’s landing page analysis is one way in which you can test website usability – it’s a crucial aspect, too, since the landing page is the first thing many of your visitors see when they arrive at your site. And after all, you only have one chance to make a good first impression. We can help you assess whether your landing page has the most relevant and engaging content and is easy to use.

The SharePoint Marketing Suite’s web analytics tools are also key to a thorough website usability analysis. Intlock’s web analytics allow you to see visit information – within minutes of a customer’s click on your website – for a real-time insight into how user-friendly your site is.

Key Features

  • Evaluation of multiple aspects of site design
  • Comprehensive analysis of all visitors’ online behavior
  • Path and click analysis reports
  • Visitor recordings
  • Voice-of-customer surveys
  • SEO reports
  • Landing page optimization