Surveys in SharePoint – Voice Of Customer Tool

The fastest way to understand customer problems is by asking your customers themselves. The simple fact is that Internet users have never felt more empowered to speak up, and Intlock’s SharePoint surveys offer a cost-effective way of drilling down into this mine of invaluable information. We can help you get website feedback to accurately identify what’s working for your business and what needs more work, giving you a deep insight that will enable you to give your customers what they want and keep them loyal to your brand.



Voice of customer sharepoint surveys

Our SharePoint Marketing Suite surveys offer two main ways to capture that crucial voice-of-customer data: page-based comments and website-satisfaction polls, giving you an essential insight into why visitors take certain actions when they visit your website. From their initial click to the final conversion, our easy-to-use SharePoint surveys provide data you can act upon to optimize your customers’ experience.

  • Ask the questions that web analytics reports cannot answer
  • Help your customers tell you what they want
  • Target your questions to a specific visitor segment
  • Create and implement website surveys quickly and easily
  • No need to edit any SharePoint template or code

Survey Insights

surveys in sharepoint

Web analytics can offer enormous insight into customers’ behavior online, but with this alone it’s impossible to know for sure why certain behavior is occurring. Our dynamic SharePoint surveys enable you access vital voice-of-customer data by asking key questions such as “What is the purpose of your visit to our website today?” and “Did you find what you were looking for?” – providing you with website feedback that helps you find business solutions in a way that no other tool can. Visitors accessing a lot of content on your website could mean they’re engaged, or it could mean they’re clicking around looking for something that they can’t find. When potential customers can’t find what they need on your website, they spend their money elsewhere. Simply asking your customers how they feel helps you to gain a deeper insight that leads to fine-tuned product development, greater customer satisfaction – and a boost for your business.

Real-Time Surveys

With Intlock’s SharePoint surveys you can engage with your customers in real time and use this voice-of-customer data to take immediate action, which is a real customer-pleaser. Our website surveys enable you to intervene at crucial stages in order to present, for example, a nonintrusive satisfaction poll in response to a cancelled subscription, giving you that essential website feedback. Subtle presentation of such surveys ensures that customers do not feel they are being bombarded.

You can target your website surveys to people who purchased a certain product or came to your website through a specific campaign, and use the responses to understand how customers perceive your brand. Website survey responses help you get to know your customers in real time and enable you to use that website feedback to determine your marketing strategy. And with our SharePoint questionnaires, it’s possible to target your questions to a specific visitor segment for a more sophisticated voice-of-customer insight, allowing you to get straight to the heart of what’s working for your business and enabling a well-targeted marketing campaign.

Easy Code-Free SharePoint Surveys

Our user-friendly SharePoint polls require no IT involvement. You can design, create and implement website surveys quickly and easily, with no need to edit any SharePoint template or code. This is thanks to our advanced web analytics tracking code, which is capable of displaying voice-of-customer surveys in multiple formats and according to a variety of rules. You can take a look at real-time survey results to instantly improve a survey’s design to gain a more robust and accurate voice-of-customer response. It’s possible to use one of our prebuilt SharePoint survey designs or to customize your website surveys with your own company branding.

Key Features

  • Sophisticated survey creation
  • Data capture through page-based comments and website-satisfaction polls
  • Real-time customer feedback
  • Options to target specific visitor segment
  • Zero IT involvement
  • Advanced response tracking

SharePoint Questionnaire Example

 Survey popup