SharePoint Marketing Suite


The SharePoint Marketing Suite is a unique solution tailored specifically for SharePoint. Specifically designed for SharePoint environments, SharePoint Marketing Suite’s various marketing solutions and tools take the SharePoint portal one step further. It provides insightful marketing and analytic data based on SharePoint’s taxonomy, hierarchy, metadata, and content. The solution allows one to control and monitor business processes, knowledge management, and website activity. Thus, SharePoint Marketing Suite empowers organizations to make informed decisions, and ensures the success of online marketing programs.

What is SharePoint Marketing Suite?

Customers can maximize ROI from website investment by assuring that the website and its connected applications are functioning in an optimal manner. With the SharePoint Marketing Suite, there is no need to edit any source code or deploy complicated modules; hence, the SharePoint Marketing Suite enables customers to easily use the best of breed web marketing solutions on the market. CardioLog SharePoint Marketing Suite utilizes the following for a holistic approach to online marketing needs:

  • CRM Integration – Understand your customers from their web behavior
  • Engagement – communicate with you website visitors and users
  • SEO – Understand who your customers are
  • Optimization – Realize your site’s potential from the first click to the final conversion
  • Facebook Integration – Leverage the power of social networks