How Can CardioLog Analytics SaaS Drive Productivity in SharePoint and Office 365?

Improve Adoption

Identify your end user needs with powerful metrics to achieve your return on investment, and help your users gain value from the portal.

Boost Engagement

Understand and take action to assist your users in how they interact with the portal, with powerful metrics that dive deep to drill down into your users portal engagement levels.

Increase Collaboration

Take your SharePoint portal to a different dimension. Support corporate communication and get your users talking. Gain a holistic understanding of how your users are liking, sharing, rating, following and more.

Ease Migration

Capture critical data that can give you insights into your SharePoint portal, to help you track and analyze each step of the process, including before, during, and after the migration. Discover valuable opportunities to make critical changes to improve your adoption levels after deployment.

Optimize Portal Resources

Enrich your portal by monitoring its growth through all stages of development. Gain a holistic perspective of your portal content to take action and free up critical portal space and save resources.

Enhance Portal Usability

Help your users navigate through the portal, and find exactly what they're looking for. Measure whether vital portal items are receiving traffic, where your users are getting stuck, what they're searching for, and where they're entering and exiting the portal.

Why CardioLog Analytics SaaS?

Designed specifically for SharePoint, Office 365 and Yammer

  • Tailored to the needs of organizations
  • Deep integration allowing for enriched reports that reveal deep insights - combining user behavior tracking advanced data from APIs

Comes with a built-in integration with Microsoft's Power BI

  • Stunning interactive reports
  • The flexibility to visualize data based upon organizational goals
  • Accessible from any device, anywhere
  • Ask questions in natural language and get the right insights
  • Collaborate with your teammates

Provided as a service

  • Quick setup
  • No need to purchase or maintain any infrastructure, we got you covered
  • Never stop growing, your analytics automatically scale with you
  • New features and reporting capabilities are released every month
  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure cutting edge technologies to ensure high availability, performance and security