Frequently Asked Questions - SaaS Analytics for SharePoint/Microsoft 365

Who is Intlock?

Intlock, developer of CardioLog Analytics and Engage, has been a frontrunner in the field of SharePoint and Microsoft 365 reporting and analytics since 2005. It's products - CardioLog Analytics and SharePoint Marketing Suite - provide web-analytics and online marketing solutions for enterprise-level intranet portals and websites. These products deliver powerful, data-driven reports, revealing insights into the performance of portal and web initiatives. This is done by testing, tracking and targeting, and ultimately enabling organizations to optimize their portal's impact and maximize their return on investment. The offering is available for both On-Prem and SaaS deployments.

Intlock is led by a team of experts in the fields of application development, knowledge management, web analytics, portal monitoring and control, and software engineering. Its products and solutions are installed for organizations from various industries, including government, financial services, telecommunication, pharmaceutical and others.

Intlock firmly believes that partner alliances are a beneficial way to help enhance the product as well as strengthen bonds within the SharePoint community. By working together, cost effectiveness and ease of implementation are improved. Partner alliances shorten implementation times and enable the adaptation of the products to any technological environment. If you're interested in partnering with Intlock, please contact us and we'll be glad to return to you with our partnership offering.

What platforms does CardioLog Analytics SaaS track?

CardioLog Analytics SaaS supports tracking for SharePoint Online, SharePoint versions 2016, 2019, Subscription Edition, Teams, Exchange, OneDrive and Viva Engage (Yammer). In the event that you're interested in tracking any other third party applications, we'd be happy to be in touch.

Can CardioLog Analytics Saas track multiple platforms?

CardioLog Analytics SaaS can track multiple SharePoint farms and tenants, as well as social platforms like Viva Engage (Yammer) and Sitrion. With CardioLog Analytics SaaS, you can see reports for your entire platform, or you can choose to focus on specific farms or tenants using the tree view of the entire portal that CardioLog Analytics SaaS generates. You can easily scope your reports to certain parts of your portal, whether it's a single farm, all farms, or even a single list, library, or document item.

Does CardioLog Analytics SaaS track SharePoint On-Prem?

CardioLog Analytics SaaS is able to track SharePoint On-Prem versions including SharePoint 2016 and 2019.

Is there a free trial available for CardioLog Analytics SaaS?

A free trial of CardioLog Analytics SaaS is available. Simply contact our team to configure a free trial of CardioLog Analytics SaaS.

What are the advantages of selecting CardioLog Analytics SaaS over On-Prem

  • Quick setup - get reports with minimal efforts
  • Low operation cost - no upfront costs, infrastructure licenses or maintenance
  • Robustness and high availability - ensures that data is collected and available
  • Highly secured - Provided on Azure's secured platform
  • Unlimited scaling options - supporting large traffic volumes
  • Continuously updated and enhanced - automatic updates allowing for on-going delivery of new features

Cardiolog Analytics is designed for SharePoint. What does that means?

CardioLog Analytics is based on the structure and content of SharePoint sites - particularly intranet portals, but also extranet and websites. Being "designed for SharePoint" means CardioLog Analytics can provide accurate and useful data on your SharePoint implementation. Among other things, it seamlessly integrates with SharePoint user profiles, enabling you to make flexible use of data on the people who use your site.

Do we have dashboards geared towards admins and business users?

There are a number of premade dashboards available in CardioLog Analytics SaaS. If you're an administrator, there are a number of reports to help you assess the overall portal in terms of portal resources and supporting a migration, improving search optimization and the search schema, as well as technological compatibility including mobile and browser versions. If you're a business user, reports such as SharePoint Adoption, Visitor Engagement, and Collaboration will be useful to you and your team.

Can I create dashboards with Power BI?

CardioLog Analytics SaaS natively integrates with Power BI and has a rich set of Power BI fields which makes all of the data that is tracked available to be used in Power BI, as well as a variety of pre-made reports.

  • The built-in integration includes:
  • Stunning interactive reports
  • The flexibility to visualize data based upon organizational goals
  • Accessible from any device, anywhere
  • Ask questions in natural language and get the right insights
  • Collaborate with your teammates

How do you set up CardioLog Analytics SaaS?

You don't need any servers or databases to set up CardioLog SaaS, it's just a quick installation of the Add-In from the Office store

Where is the data stored?

All the data collected by CardioLog Analytics SaaS is stored on Microsoft Azure servers. If you prefer to keep the data in house, please see CardioLog Analytics On-Prem.

What's the CardioLog Analytics SaaS Pricing Model?

The CardioLog Analytics SaaS pricing model is based on a pay as you go subscription based on the number of users in the platforms that you track.

What other services are offered with CardioLog Analytics SaaS?

In the event that you're interested in taking your reporting efforts to the next level, consulting, additional training and professional services are available and tailored to the needs of your organization.

Does CardioLog Analytics track SharePoint Online in Azure GCC?

In the event that your organization is a U.S.government, CardioLog Analytics can support your government’s SharePoint Online in Azure GCC.