CardioLog Analytics for OneDrive aims to increase the solution’s adoption within organizations from diverse verticals, while letting you drill down to understand the details and trends of OneDrive accounts, how many files users have interacted with, shared with, and much more. These reports can even give organizations detailed drill-downs per a specific OneDrive account or be filtered by teams, departments, and others.


flexible deployment options
Flexible Deployment Options
reports that really drill down deep
ondrive data in the cloud
Instantly Analyze your
One Drive data in the cloud
Real-time analytics reports
Hosted in Azure or
on-premise with full data ownership
onedrive integration
Integrates Seamlessly
with Power BI
Reports that really drill down deep
Designed for SharePoint
and Microsoft 365
Including Microsoft Teams & Yammer

“CardioLog Analytics helps customers optimize
their business operations and gain real-time data faster”

Kirsten Edmondson Wolfe – Senior Director, Product Marketing, Microsoft Corp.

How does it work and how can
CardioLog Analytics Increase User Adoption
and Drive Productivity in OneDrive?

CardioLog Analytics provides accurate and insightful
information about SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams and Yammer,
based on hierarchy, taxonomy, content, and user metadata. With this
actionable data and its related insights CardioLog Analytics helps:
improve adoption

Improve Adoption

Identify your end-user needs with powerful metrics to achieve your return on investment, and help your users gain value from the file hosting and synchronization service. Track the number of users who sync folders and share files per week and track the average size of emails with files attached per month.

Boost Engagement

Understand and take action to assist your users in how they interact with the portal, with powerful metrics that dive deep to drill down into your user’s portal engagement levels.

boost engagement
increase collaboration

Increase Collaboration

Ensure the usage of capabilities in OneDrive for Business that make it easier than ever to sync, share, and collaborate on all files in Microsoft 365. Even get insightful data about users sharing files and folders and uploading documents.

Improves administration

Get insights on available and unassigned licenses and the identities of the total users to know how to support and train users recently deployed and or migrated, including guests. Get additional data about usage, such as services by type of devices and even services browser.

improve administration
content drilldown

Content drill down

Organizations can get insights on information such as the average storage percentage used in OneDrive, the number of users deployed on Office Pro on different devices and then break it down even more to also give organizations a count of all active users and which users are disabled.

Why CardioLog Analytics

why choose cardiolog analytics
Designed specifically for SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, and Exchange
  • Tailored to the needs of organizations
  • Deep integration allows for enriched reports that reveal deep insights – combining user behavior tracking advanced data from APIs
integration with power bi
Comes with a built-in integration with Microsoft’s Power BI
  • Stunning interactive reports
  • The flexibility to visualize data-based
  • Upon organizational goals
  • Accessible from any device, anywhere
  • Ask questions in natural language and get the right insights
  • Collaborate with your teammates
saas or on-premise
Provided as a Service (or on-premise)
  • Quick setup
  • No need to purchase or maintain any infrastructure, we got you covered
  • Never stop growing, your analytics automatically scale with you
  • New features and reporting capabilities are released every month
  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure cutting-edge technologies (or kept on-premise), to ensure high availability, performance, and security



pricing smb
SMB Edition


  • Basic SharePoint Usage Reports package
  • Integrated with Power BI
  • Flexible site collections/farms/web front ends tracking
  • Flexible SharePoint user subscription model
pricing enterprise
Enterprise Edition


  • Complete SharePoint Usage Reports package
  • Integrated with Power BI
  • Flexible site collections/farms/web front ends tracking
  • Scalable for high volumes of page views
  • Scalable for high volumes of SharePoint users
  • Enhanced engagement functionality

See SharePoint Analytics in Action

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