CRM Integration for SharePoint


Visitors may come to your website dozens of times before they ever make contact with your sales team, but why miss out on the valuable data they provide before they make that contact? SharePoint CRM Integration solves this problem.

With the SharePoint Marketing Suite plugin for Dynamics CRM you can record each individual visitor’s activity and identify companies from their very first visit to your website. And with SharePoint CRM integration, once they do make contact with you, all their previous, anonymous visit history will be automatically added to their personal profile, giving you an invaluable insight into what makes them tick – and giving your sales team a head start. With SharePoint CRM integration, your sales team can make more informed decisions – based, for example, on how many times and on which pages your potential customer has clicked.

  • Build an invaluable picture of potential customers’ visit history
  • Add anonymous visitors’ details to their personal profile when they become known to you
  • Identify a visitor’s readiness to buy through behavioral scoring
  • Gain invaluable lead intelligence from data such as the source of a customer’s visit

SharePoint CRM integration enables you to identify a potential customer’s readiness to buy through behavioral scoring. Each visitor accumulates a score based on their visits, page views, and more. A visitor who is clicking on your product pages is displaying better buying behavior than someone visiting your careers page – and you’ll know which one to target. By tracking their behavior and activity, SharePoint CRM integration helps you to determine your potential customers’ level of interest, and this empowers you to send truly useful leads to your sales team, making it an invaluable sales tool.

The SharePoint Marketing Suite comes with default scoring for basic behavioral attributes such as the number of visits, the amount of time a visitor spends on the site, and how they arrived there in the first place. But SharePoint CRM integration also enables you to define your own scoring attributes according to what’s most important for your business. Some pages are better than others at indicating your visitors’ intentions, and with the CRM integration for SharePoint, you can customize score values on a per-page basis – allowing you, for example, to add 50 points to a potential customer’s score if they visit your pricing page. What’s more, the behavioral scoring field can be used to create a call list, enabling you to give higher priority for callbacks to customers who have visited the site most recently or most frequently.

With SharePoint CRM integration, not only will you automatically receive the data that a visitor filled in on the landing page form, you’ll also get important information that they didn’t enter, including the source of their visit, the search engine they used, any keywords they entered, which page they first saw on your website, and more. You can also know which company they’re from based on their Internet connection. Such valuable pieces of information can be used to usefully segment your visitors in web analytics reports.

Perhaps you’ll want to know where an individual potential customer has clicked on your website before making an opening call. SharePoint CRM integration allows your sales reps to view potential customers’ visits to your website within the CRM record, giving them essential data they can use to improve their conversations and follow-up with your visitors. With this integration your sales team will be better able to prioritize and pursue the most sales-ready leads.

Key Features

  • Automatic SharePoint CRM integration of anonymous visit history with personal profile
  • Behavioral scoring
  • Customizable behavioral scoring attributes
  • Automatic lead intelligence
  • Easy-to-use CRM records, allowing for effective sales follow-up

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