CardioLog Analytics for SharePoint 2019 Analytics

Advanced Reports for SharePoint 2019

CardioLog Analytics has always kept up-to-date with the newest SharePoint updates and versions, offering in-depth reporting and insights for SharePoint 2019 to help you monitor and improve your organization’s SharePoint adoption and consumption.

A Fresh New User Experience with Modern Team Sites

Modern team sites has been a breakthrough addition to SharePoint 2019. Now even non-developers can design and edit SharePoint pages and sites with ease. Modern SharePoint sites integration with Microsoft Teams brings more efficiency to the portal, allowing users to easily share information among different teams.

CardioLog Analytics can fully analyze and provide in-depth insights on modern pages, making it easy to monitor how users are interacting with SharePoint, even with this new update. Administrators can drill deep into modern pages and learn more about how the users are using SharePoint by tracking average page depth, length of visit, bounce rate, and more.

Search is Easier Than Ever with Modern Search Experience

SharePoint 2019 has a brand new way for users to search within the portal. With modern search experience, users will see results before they even start typing and as they type out their query, the results will automatically update to become more relevant. The search results page contains the most relevant overview of search results, which are grouped by type.

With CardioLog Analytics, it’s easy to improve upon modern search experience and make searching in SharePoint one of the easiest user experiences in the portal. With our Search Optimization Dashboard, you can see the average number of results that are returned for a certain search phrase, average search result position, and the percentage of searches that led to a click on a search result. With these metrics, administrators can realize what search terms require more relevant content creation, know how to reorganize the search results list, and more.

A New Generation of Collaboration with Communication Sites

Communication sites are a new way to communicate and interact with people within your organization with dynamic sites and pages that even a non-IT user can create. These sites are a new space for users to share news, post a story, or broadcast a message. Users can easily add in images, text, and links, as well as content from other sources, like messages from Yammer or videos from Microsoft Stream.

CardioLog Analytics can help you track communication sites to see what news and stories are the most impactful on your users. You will also be able to track your most and least active users of communication sites, making it easier to identify who needs more training. CardioLog Analytics can also track the content from other services, so you can monitor how many people viewed a certain video or clicked on a specific link.

Increased Storage File Size in SharePoint 2019

In SharePoint 2016, the maximum file size you could store in SharePoint document libraries was 10 GB. Now SharePoint 2019 supports storing files up to 15 GB, making it easier to save your most important information within SharePoint without worrying about storage space.

Tracking the size of your files is easy with CardioLog Analytics Content Size Reports, which were specifically designed to monitor file size uploads. If you want to look at file size even more in depth, you can choose which sections and files types that you want to analyze.