The Benefits of using SharePoint and its Amazing Features

SharePoint Benefits and its Amazing Features

Microsoft SharePoint is a collaboration and document management platform that helps your organization’s productivity.

Organizations with a Microsoft 365 subscription have access to many wonderful productivity tools. Out of all of those, the most intelligent, and also the most customizable one is SharePoint. Millions and millions of people in more than 200,000 organizations of different sizes use SharePoint. Sharepoint is great because it saves time by eliminating the need for multiple tasks and project management platforms.

SharePoint is an online content management tool. It enables users to store files in the cloud for sharing and collaboration. It can help users create sites and subsites in order to declutter tasks from different teams or individuals.

SharePoint allows its users to create an intranet where they, their collaborators, and even freelance clients can work securely on a file or document. A centralized admin will control access so that each user can seamlessly open, edit, and save files.

Who will Benefit From Using Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint works as a safe haven for all creative files such as app codes, graphic designs, audio clips, videos, website articles, invoices, and so forth. SharePoint offers other tools like data analysis, website templates, knowledge base templates, and project management workflows. Therefore, its scope of use ranges from an individual content creator up to large businesses. Many freelance professionals or even small groups of creative individuals use SharePoint in different stages of software, mobile apps, websites, or content development projects.

SharePoint has many amazing advanced functionalities that can help you or your team manage professional and personal work. The following are some of the most frequently used features:

  • File sharing with internal as well as external users.
  • Managing project content such as images, articles, source codes, videos, and so on.
  • Sites and subsites for decluttering teams and tasks.
  • Staying in touch with the collaborator through communication sites.
  • Creating workflows and reminders in order to automate projects and tasks.
  • Using the search function to look for resources, tasks, or files.
  • The mobile app allows users to access team or communication sites from smartphones.

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SharePoint offers many benefits when compared with any other productivity tool for a project or content management. Some of these advantages include:

1. Saving Money

You may already be paying for it through a Microsoft 365 subscription. Avoid unnecessary spending on apps and tools by using SharePoint as the primary productivity tool for professional or personal needs.

2. Scalability

The scalability of the tool allows you to budget your cost towards productivity tools. If you see an inflow of too many projects from different clients, you can change the subscription to accommodate more resources and projects. When projects ease off, you can switch to low-paid plans.

3. Data Security

Governments and big organizations trust the SharePoint ecosystem with their sensitive data. So, you can store your creative work on SharePoint for collaborative work without any fear of intellectual property theft.

4. Multipurpose Usage

A higher level of flexibility and multipurpose utility means that you can keep using SharePoint as the principal productivity tool while you keep changing your roles or creative skills. You can use a template when one project ends, and you need to start another one. The budget can be minimized by avoiding multiple app purchases.

5. Increased Productivity

As a business leader, how many hours per week do you think you spend digging through the archives to find a file? Whether you’re searching inside of a filing cabinet or clicking through an endless sea of folders, it can be mind-numbing and frustrating to devote time during the busy workday to a wild goose chase.

When all your documents are consolidated onto a SharePoint platform, searching for what you need is as simple as a few clicks. Don’t send your employees down the rabbit hole looking for a single form. You can organize each SharePoint site to include only the folders and subfolders you need. This way, you can go straight to the source when time is running out and you have to make a quick business decision. While this is a helpful feature for business managers, it’s equally advantageous to your employees.

When they aren’t spinning their wheels looking for the data they need, they’re able to devote more time to their core responsibilities.

advantages of SharePoint

SharePoint’s features make it an intricate project management tool rather than just a simple cloud solution for file sharing and storage. By using SharePoint and other Microsoft 365 apps to manage your professional or personal tasks within your organization, you can create a ripple effect of ever-increasing productivity.

SharePoint Features that help drive productivity

1. Collaboration

SharePoint is a highly flexible and scalable platform for collaboration with internal or external resources. A central admin user can assign different levels of access permission to individual users of team sites.

You and your team can work on a single file in a real-time scenario without facing any latency. Therefore, many creative developers and content creators prefer SharePoint for teaming up for any project.

Another significant function of SharePoint collaboration is to keep flowing decluttered information throughout the sites and subsites. It helps individuals stay updated about the project without going through multiple emails, missed chats, video calls, etc.

Not only can SharePoint online be accessed from any device, but it also lets you share documents and files with those in your organization who need access to them, and everyone with an internet connection can access these files from anywhere. In an area that doesn’t have Internet, you can still work on your files while you’re offline and they’ll sync to SharePoint when you get back in an area with Internet connectivity!

Even better than this ease of access is the co-authored capabilities that SharePoint has. You and your team members can work together on the same document at the same time, plus chat with your co-collaborators right from within the document, and, if it becomes necessary, you can also revert to a previous version of the file. SharePoint Online keeps a record of the various versions that have been created or worked on.


2. Data  Management

Data management is a big challenge for any individual or group of professionals who want to deliver better productivity. SharePoint enables users to get past this challenge without going through complex programming.

Content or data managers can easily take care of multiple projects simultaneously on SharePoint. Publishing or updating website content like events, blogs, presentation stacks, news, and so on, is made easy with SharePoint.

You don’t have to start every content management project from scratch. There are ready-to-use professional templates that you can use. Apart from the content, you’re in total control of its versions. SharePoint creates and saves multiple versions of the file on which you or your team works and when in need, you can recall any previous versions or fix any file system errors from SharePoint. You don’t need to depend on any third-party tools to backup, restore, or fix files.

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3. Project Management

SharePoint has a range of functionalities organizations can leverage for task and project management. The most evident function is that the tool functions as centralized storage for all project-related documents and deliverable files.

SharePoint also enables you to create a workflow to streamline tasks like task handover, sign-off project deliverables, approvals, presenting a demo, and client feedback.

SharePoint also syncs with your Outlook and Calendar profile to organize tasks and schedules so that you can prioritize your work. Similarly, publish your SharePoint team sites in the Teams app to access contacts, files, tasks, etc., from Teams.

4. Seamless integration

Not only can SharePoint online be accessed from any device, and allow you to collaborate with other team members, but SharePoint also integrates with Microsoft 365.

By taking advantage of SharePoint’s ability to integrate with Microsoft 365, you can use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or other products right from within SharePoint online, or from other collaboration tools, like Microsoft Teams, Video, Stream, OneDrive. If you need to find useful content, use Delve, a search tool to help you find documents you’ve worked on recently or documents that your colleagues have been working on.

In short, SharePoint solutions work hand-in-hand with other Microsoft tools to make collaborating with your colleagues a part of your day-to-day work style.

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