SharePoint Reporting

The team at CardioLog Analytics is dedicated to providing
solutions for all versions of SharePoint including Subscription
Edition, 2019, 2016, 2013, and SharePoint Online/Microsoft 365.

Reporting for SharePoint Online/Microsoft 365

CardioLog Analytics’ SharePoint Online (Microsoft 365) Adaptor is specifically designed to track SharePoint systems on the cloud, with minimal configuration effort.

The SharePoint Online (Microsoft 365) adaptor is installed, along with CardioLog Analytics, on a dedicated server in the corporate network or hosted on Windows Azure. A SharePoint feature is installed on each SharePoint Online site collection, which adds JavaScript tracking code automatically in order to track the portal.

Reporting for SharePoint Subscription Edition

CardioLog Analytics consistently stays current with the latest SharePoint updates and versions. For organizations using SharePoint Subscription Edition, we provide comprehensive reporting and insights designed to enhance your SharePoint adoption and usage.

Reporting for SharePoint 2019

CardioLog Analytics has always kept up-to-date with the newest SharePoint updates and versions, offering in-depth reporting and insights for SharePoint Subscription Edition, SharePoint 2019 to help you monitor and improve your organization’s SharePoint adoption and consumption.

Reporting for SharePoint 2016

The CardioLog Team has been working hard to provide full support for SharePoint 2016. With the variety of new features available in SharePoint 2016, your organization can be assured that CardioLog is there to assist in monitoring and tracking your new SharePoint 2016 environment.

Reporting for SharePoint 2013

CardioLog Analytics has a proven track record of providing effective solutions for Microsoft SharePoint websites and intranet portals, offering dynamic web analytic and optimization tools to help give your portal a competitive edge. Since the release of Microsoft’s SharePoint 2013, CardioLog Analytics has continued this tradition by offering full support for SharePoint 2013’s new features to ensure that all of our powerful solutions are up-to-speed with the most modern technology.

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