Javascript Tracking Tool from CardioLog

Automatically deliver customized content

CardioLog Analytics’ JavaScript-based page tracking provides the ability to track a person’s activity on your site. It also enables you to display, in real time, a whole range of personalized content designed to engage users’ interests. We also offer an additional tracking mechanism that monitors activity like content views, updates, and deletions on your site.

Advantages of CardioLog’s Javascript tracking method:

  • Reports down to a single SharePoint document
  • Tracks user behavior (mouse and button clicks)
  • Tracks only human visits
  • Advanced filtering

What makes CardioLog’s Javascript Tracking different than Log File Analysis?

CardioLog’s JavaScript tracking is more logical to the end user. SharePoint log-file analysis tracks a page view by including every element on the page (including pictures, videos, and even embedded data). This means that one traditional “page view” will populate in SharePoint’s analysis as ten different page views. CardioLog Analytics counts viewing every element on the page as a one-page view. By consolidating these events into one concise page view, the process of tracking page views is simplified to reflect more holistic results.

SharePoint tracks automated back-end processes (non-human activity). These automated processes include timer jobs, search indexing, and other such processes administered by SharePoint and not a human being.

This means that these automated processes will be seen as “unique users” according to SharePoint. On the other hand, CardioLog only tracks authentic human interaction and can blacklist users who should not be tracked.

These blacklisted users are generally administrators, programmers, or anyone who is making technical changes to the site.

This feature can be configured by the CardioLog Admin. The combination of tracking only authentic human interaction and omitting blacklisted users provides a more accurate picture of which users are interacting with the portal

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