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Revolutionize Your HR & Corporate Communication with Engage

Cut through the noise to engage with your employees, whether it's via desktop, in-app, or mobile

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Select the Message to Communicate

Choose the message you want to communicate to your employees. Create a personalized message or choose from predefined options

I want to

Invite people to an event
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Choose the Audience

Put your message in front of the right users in your organization. Segment by department, new starters, inactive users, or create your own groups.


Choose the Communication Channel

Target your audience the right way to ensure your message gets heard. Use SMS, email, SharePoint pop ups, Microsoft Teams messages and more.

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Gather Employee Feedback

Measure survey responses, drive health and safety compliance, track adoption of new processes, promote wellbeing initiatives, measure portal engagement.


Your days of sending emails ‘To All’ are over. With Engage you have the power to create personalized communication to help you communicate effectively with any person, group, department, or segment in your organization.

Your HR and Corporate Communication teams can now cut through the noise to engage with your employees and partners, wherever they are. Deliver direct cross channel communication and relevant messaging across your whole organization.


Who Will Receive Your Communications?
New Starters

People who have worked with your company for < 3 months


Deliver specific and relevant communications to each department

SharePoint Groups

Reach existing groups in SharePoint, Viva Engage (Yammer) or Microsoft Teams

Inactive users

People who have not performed an action on your SharePoint portal

Event Attendees

Create event based groups to push out event specific communications

Create Groups

It’s easy to create a new group from scratch to suit your organisation


Communicate with employees across your whole organization using the most relevant channel for your campaign. Whether your team is local or global, you can choose the best option to get your message seen immediately.

If your target audience doesn’t respond the first time, create automated follow ups using different channels to ensure your communications cut through. Prompt your sales team to register for training via Microsoft Teams chat, then follow up with a desktop notification

Channel Use Case Engage
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Desktop Notification

Engage with users using visual notifications on desktop, catch your employees attention

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Share important news, updates, and information company wide or by department

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Send SMS campaigns to audiences to reach anyone anywhere directly, without delay

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Phone Call

Automated phone calls will reach employees immediately to convey important information

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Microsoft Teams chat

Send messages directly within Microsoft Teams as a private chat

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SharePoint Pop Up

Reach SharePoint users with pop ups to boost engagement and increase adoption

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Send an email campaign only to employees who have not yet interacted with Teams

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Promote honest feedback, gauge employee satisfaction, measure the success of policies

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"Using CardioLog Engage we can easily communicate with our employees about company events, changes in the organization and even drive them to fill up HR related forms."

Jane Smith, HR director


Our pricing is calculated by the amount of users and messages you send monthly. If you are CardioLog Analytics customer, you are entitled to a customer courtesy discount.



  • Pop-up (in-app) and SMS
  • 1,000 users
  • * SMS package is required



  • Pop-up (in-app), SMS and email
  • 10,000 users
  • * SMS and email packages are required



  • Pop-up (in-app), SMS, email and automated phone call
  • 25,000 users
  • * SMS, email and automated phone call packages are required

* SMS, email and phone call packages will be priced based on geographic location(s)

Incorporate these powerful HR communication tools to quickly and easily communicate with your employees, to improve employee satisfaction, and make your change management plan a success.

See how Engage can optimize and align your HR efforts and organizational goals today.

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