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A large pharmaceutical company spanning 34 countries across North America, Europe and APAC. For privacy reasons we cannot reveal the client's name.

Quote CardioLog Engage has increased their overall Microsoft Office 365 consumption by 48% and improved adoption by 35% within the first 6 months. Quote


CardioLog Engage is an intelligent engagement solution that allows organizations to improve their portal adoption, engagement, and overall consumption by targeting specific users or segmented groups based on their behavior within the portal. They can be targeted via various channels including messages directly in the SharePoint portal or related applications, such as Microsoft Teams.

Users get prompted in the portal or through other channels (i.e., emails, SMS, automated phone calls or show in-app/pop-up messages directly on SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365 and Teams) to take action. This enables an organization to increase adoption and consumption rates, boost user engagement, improve usability and enhance overall business efficiency.

An organization can also get additional feedback from users by asking personalized questions and analyzing their inputs; this can be done via the various communication channels the solution offers and triggered to be sent at the right time to a specific user or segmented.

This is how a stakeholder and manager who is a customer, described how CardioLog Engage has helped his large pharmaceutical company to positively impact adoption, consumption, and collaboration not only in their SharePoint portal but also in their Microsoft Teams platform.

QuoteWith CardioLog Engage I can push my users to complete a certain task, view a specific page or get more information about new features on the portal. Quote

The company

A large pharmaceutical company spanning 34 countries across North America, Europe and APAC deployed a new Microsoft Office 365 portal (focusing on SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams), along with old SharePoint 2013, across the company.

This was done in order to communicate and collaborate better with employees and also to increase productivity amongst communities, groups, and departments within the organization. A major factor in the firm’s employee productivity success is its long-held belief that harnessing the latest technology enables it to fulfill business objectives. They spent endless resources, as well as months and hundreds of thousands of dollars getting the platform moving.

As a result, they decided to invest in an advanced analytics solution to generate usage reports for their overall SharePoint environment due to their need to improve the degree to which users interact and collaborate within their SharePoint sites. Their management goal was to improve adoption of the SharePoint portal and Microsoft Teams, but they struggled with getting users to adopt the platforms.

The Challenge

Before, the company found it difficult to connect employees with important company updates and messages. Their team didn’t know if people were actually reading their messages or if they were getting the attention of employees given the number of irrelevant emails in circulation. As they realized that standard communication channels were becoming less effective in the organization, they were still trying to increase the overall adoption and reduce the number of emails, while improving communication within other channels.

Moreover, they understood that a personalized communication methodology/tool was required, one that will synergize with their analytics insights and which will trigger notifications and messages upon a specific action or lack of specific activity, but they did not know how.

After using SharePoint for some time, they also realized that even though they were tracking advanced usage behaviour of their SharePoint sites (via their 3rd party tool from the same CardioLog Engage suite), and getting information about which users were inactive and what content cannot easily be found and what content is not used, they still needed a way to take action based on these reports or trigger an automatic message/process based on specific users’ behavioural rules, in order to get value on their portal investment.

CardioLog Engage is equipping us with the tools needed to take insights and put them into action and form a communication strategy to make improvements and deliver better internal communication campaigns that captivate the correct employees.

It became clear to them that on top of the advanced analytics solution, they also needed a personalized communication tool, which would synergize with the analytics insights and would target inactive users, encourage participation on the platform, maximize the use of the platforms and ultimately increase adoption, which is key to business value.

They became very aware that there was still a lot of room for improvement in how the company delivered employee communications and they faced many challenges such as the lack of tools to improve user engagement and general internal communication in the company.

The company’s SharePoint administrator was tasked to find a solution for the company to not only drive adoption in their new SharePoint portal and Microsoft Teams platform but to also improve general internal communication.

The Solution

Becoming a CardioLog Engage customer has been a real game-changer for their SharePoint portal as well as their Microsoft Teams platform. With CardioLog Engage in place their team can now set goals, plan campaigns and take actions by targeting specific individuals, events, or segments.

Moreover, CardioLog Engage enables them for the first time to trigger their messages to their employees automatically via multiple notification channels, based on their behavior, like sending in-app messages to people who haven't seen a specific page while they browse in the portal. They get notified via SMS while they are away from the portal or communicating a message via a system phone call, all managed automatically via the CardioLog Engage smart ruling engine.

The solution allows them to promote certain pages that must be seen by specific people or see something on the portal for a specific segment and not send mass emails to all the employees.

They have also been able to reduce the number of unnecessary emails by rather consolidating content via in-app messages, phone calls or SMS. The solution’s consolidation of messages and personalized content triggered at the right time, along with its detailed behaviour reports, has impacted their response rates of campaigns to rise to over 86% as well as increase their overall consumption by 35% within the first 6 months.

I would honestly wholeheartedly recommend CardioLog Engage to any company

Management is now communicating with SharePoint users much more effectively by sending the right personalized message to the right user at the right time by triggering a multi-channel communication solution when relevant to a specific someone on a certain page in SharePoint.

They are also getting valuable and relevant first-hand feedback from actual SharePoint visitors instead of sending out a user survey weeks or months after encountering an issue.

CardioLog Engage - Schematic Diagram

The Conclusion

CardioLog Engage can send the right message to the right employee and this translates to better productivity, it makes data-based decisions and the SharePoint administrator says “CardioLog Engage’s unrivaled insights support facts rather than opinions”.

Not only is CardioLog Engage a very powerful tool but it is very simple to use and easy to deploy which was very important to the admin: “What I love most about CardioLog Engage is that it’s just so easy to use.”

Incorporating these powerful communication strategies to quickly and easily get your employees up to speed during your rollout will make training more effective, increase productivity, improve employee satisfaction, and make your change management plan a success.

See how CardioLog Engage can help you manage change and communication with your employees to improve adoption during a cloud migration or rollout of a new technology or changes in your policy and methodology.

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