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Target employees based on their behavior via email, SMS, outbound calls, or directly in a chat in Microsoft Teams or a pop-up in the SharePoint portal

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Have you realized that communication is an integral part of strong teamwork and are therefore now upgrading to Teams or rolling out Teams in your organization? Or are you simply just trying to get more users to adopt Microsoft Teams? You will then have the need to keep your employees in the loop about the changes coming and get them excited about the new technology.

Adoption is key to any successful change, but if you want a complete, successful rollout, you should also take action on valuable insights with a smart personalized communication solution.

If you are planning on upgrading to Microsoft Teams you need an effective internal communication solution to drive user adoption to its highest potential. An effective adoption strategy requires more than a simple email campaign to raise awareness and educate your employees during your rollout. Smart internal communication tools are a fast and easy way to get your employees up to speed and prompt them to try out the new technology. Only when your users adopt and embrace the new site can your rollout of Microsoft Teams really be a success.


Raising awareness, employee engagement, and ongoing feedback are key to driving adoption and engagement in Teams. To maximize adoption, it is a must to use a variety of communication channels and tactics to implement a broad marketing campaign to drive awareness, clearly articulate behavior change, and encourage adoption. To ensure the right message lands in the right hands during your migration from Skype for business or Slack to Microsoft Teams, it is critical to organize a proactive communication strategy to send the message you want your employees to receive.

Using CardioLog Engage’s unique and smart internal communication tools to run awareness and training campaigns to manage your migration to or rollout of Teams can save vital time while increasing clarity and excitement among your employees. With CardioLog Engage you can quickly and easily automate campaigns to articulate expectations, raise awareness, encourage adoption, and provide the right help to the right people when they need it to ultimately ensure optimum collaboration and teamwork is taking place.

If you want to optimize or change the way people are using the platform, you need to have a promising way to get the users’ attention and engage them, which is exactly what Engage does:

  • Send an email to encourage SharePoint users to utilize Teams for the first time

  • Send a pop-up message in SharePoint about features that people should be aware of in Teams as encouragement to check it out

  • Encourage individuals who haven’t logged into Teams to get more active in the platform.

  • Inform users when any capability has advanced - like the call feature in Teams

  • Notify users of new integrations with other Microsoft services

  • Send a message in a chat directly to users within Microsoft Teams to ask users their feedback

Following are some helpful and smart internal communication tools and ways you can use their features for change management while deploying a new technology such as Teams.


How do you know how the users are experiencing the new shared workspace, what their challenges are and the reason that they are not so active in the workspace? To find out, you have to get direct insightful feedback from them to understand how to help them to adopt the portal even more so.

Therefore feedback is of utmost importance and you have to engage Teams users with two-way communication. This can be done in and out of Microsoft Teams to gain valuable insights in real time and make your employees feel heard and valued by your company.

Get direct feedback about users’ experience in Teams by asking users the following questions:

  • Ask the users what they struggle with in the Teams workspace

  • Ask the users what they really like in Teams

  • Ask the users what they really like in Teams or how you can improve their experience in Teams

  • Send a message in a chat directly to users within Microsoft Teams to ask users if they require more training

Audience options when selecting who the campaign will go out to

Who should receive it?

The Newbies

People who did not visit any page for more than a month or ever

The Inactives

People who never performed an action

The Engaged

People who did or did not see or Interact with a message


Literally everyone

The Groupies

An existing group in SharePoint, Yammer or Teams

Create group

Create a new segment from scratch

Interact with Microsoft Teams
more than 30 days

Simplifying the migration from Skype for Business
to Microsoft Teams using Internal Communication


CardioLog Engage supports all popular communication channels, all in one place. You can send emails, text messages (SMS), automated phone calls, private message in a chat in Microsoft Teams, or show in-app (pop-up) messages directly on SharePoint. We even support other third party services via web hooks.

If you do not want to deal with choosing the channels, you can leave it to us and use our unique smart channel that will find (with the help of CardioLog Analytics) the right place and the right time to push the message to the users based on their past behavior.

Tool Teams Adoption CardioLog


Send an email campaign only to employees who have not yet interacted with Teams

Microsoft Teams chat

Send a message directly within Microsoft Teams as a private chat asking members of a specific team users what should be improved in Teams

Message Bar

Customize message bars for the SharePoint homepage and specific pages with a link directing users to check out Teams


Share news, notes, items of interests and updates to specific users, departments or everyone

Desktop Notification

For users who have visited Teams once but haven't returned, ping them on their desktop inviting them to come back

Quick Polls

Take the pulse of your users to gather data about their knowledge of and satisfaction with Teams

Pop Up

Ask the users what should be improved in Teams


Automatically notify users when there are new apps that that can be added as tabs


Add a teaser on your SharePoint site to build excitement for upcoming features in Teams

Mobile notification

Remind users of Teams training that will take place to guide users through onboarding


Provide the right help and support at the right times with tips triggered by users behavior around the new site

Engage Your Audience and Collect Feedback

"Getting feedback from my users was never so easy. I can ask if the content is relevant, if they’ve found what they were looking for after searching and even get suggestion for new and improved content."

Rachel Adams, Content manager


Our pricing is calculated by the amount of users and messages you send monthly.
If you are CardioLog Analytics customer, you pay only for the messages you send.



  • Pop-up (in-app) and SMS
  • 1,000 users
  • * SMS package is required



  • Pop-up (in-app), SMS and email
  • 10,000 users
  • * SMS and email packages are required



  • Pop-up (in-app), SMS, email and automated phone call
  • 25,000 users
  • * SMS, email and automated phone call packages are required

* SMS, email and phone call packages will be priced based on geographic location(s)

Incorporating these powerful communication strategies to quickly and easily get your employees up to speed during your rollout will make training more effective, increase productivity, improve employee satisfaction, and make your change management plan a success.

See how CardioLog Engage can help you manage change and communication with your employees to improve adoption during a cloud migration or rollout of a new technology or changes in your policy and methodology.

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