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How it works

Generating insights from data remains a huge challenge for almost all businesses. Augmented Analytics pinpoints problematic areas on the SharePoint page so you can take action based on the data.

Visualizing the tracked data in different formats helps with easier interpretation and analysis

Click Map

Show what content on a page users mostly clicked on.

Understand where your visitors are clicking within a particular page as well as the flow of clicks within the page which helps content owners track on-page user engagement, such as clicks on buttons, links, images,

Heat Map

Heat maps aggregate all mouse activity to show which content was consumed the most

Knowing what content is being consumed the most and what content is being ignored helps to truly understand the highest relevancy of content and what content can be moved, deleted or achieved.

heat map augmented analytics

Scroll Map

The scroll map shows the page exposure level for every item on the page by showing how far down people scroll on the page.

With this information you'll be able to make sure relevant content, links, and calls to action are seen by the vast majority of your visitors, and avoid a lot of content being missed by visitors simply due to the position on the page.

scroll map augmented analytics


Augmented Analytics’ insights are actionable because it connects directly to an action you can take to solve a problem on the platform. These actionable insights are extremely helpful because they serve as a guiding light for what you should prioritize on your platform to help drive business productivity.

Augmented Analytics’ meaningful insights take you step by step in order to improve your site or content.

insights from augmented analytics

Recommendations make it easy to take action based on the insights. Augmented Analytics’ insights make it easy for organizations to know what content is redundant and how space on the page can be utilized better.

& motivation

Our sophisticated analytics engine tracks activity on the page and transforms it into points, giving each page a score. This score helps to visualize usability and progress and creates healthy competition and motivates site owners and content writers to make the digital workplace more efficient and productive for users.

page score

Data filtering

  By date range
  By user department, geography & location
  By specific user

data filtering