Yammer Activity – Social Reporting Analytics

Organizations worldwide are gaining enthusiasm for Yammer’s unique social features and integration into SharePoint portals for both on-premises and cloud-based intranets. Microsoft puts their best foot forward and even recommends Yammer for SharePoint 2016, as they believe it will dominate the SharePoint social front.

Yammer has proven to be a strong communications tool for the workplace that provides many benefits. Yammer increases the speed of communication. It is used for company-wide messages, so information is sent out quickly and efficiently to everyone at once. It also creates open collaboration. Since Yammer is open to everyone at the company, employees who don’t work together might find themselves commenting on the same thread. Improving connections in the workplace builds a stronger community within the company. Yammer makes it easy to find content as anything shared in the platform is organized with tags and hashtags.

Social Reporting on Yammer Portal Activity – Compatible with SharePoint 2016, 2013, and Office 365.

CardioLog Analytics is now going the extra mile with Yammer Social Reports. These display details about Yammer activity within intranet portals for organizations to optimize their productivity. Dissecting which social arteries need to be further expanded and zoning in on ones that have fluidity and traffic can be as simple as a few clicks and a CardioLog Analytics Yammer Social Report. Look into who’s creating the content, collaboration, and engagement buzz on Yammer and who’s in need of more guidance, training, or the spotlight to help other end users.

Among the Menu of Exclusive features CardioLog Analytics offers, Yammer Social Reports deliver:

Generating reports with insight on Yammer user and group activity can assist with the evaluation of user adoption levels to create a proactive plan to increase portal usage and productivity.

With Yammer, organizations are able to access a variety of content and surround it with rich metadata, such as shared posts, tagging, rating, and more. This means search options are expanded further for SharePoint users to easily access sought-after information within Yammer.

Yammer Analytics & Adoption

By using CardioLog Analytics Yammer Social reports, you will be able to track every aspect of Yammer. You can see which users are not adopting Yammer and can put more efforts into training them on Yammer, resulting in increased adoption of Yammer. You will also be able to see who are they influential users and be able to reward and recognize them. The reports track group activity to see which group members need extra support and who is leading the group. With content contribution reports, like reports, and posted messages reports, you will be able to see what is the hot content in Yammer. This will help identify what users are most interested in, what content they use the most, and what content they most respond to, as well as what content is missing from the platform.

CardioLog Analytics Yammer Social Reports now offer innovative insight, and SharePoint users can optimize their portals even further with the array of features and awareness brought to users. Access to analytics will allow organizations to better understand what information people are looking for, what are popular discussion topics, and who the most active users are. Having more knowledge and concrete data about your employees can lead to higher adoption rates and collaborating efforts.