Two Heads Are Better Than One: Group Activity Reports

Yammer Group Activity report

Conference calls can take a lot of effort to coordinate with time zones and the individuals involved in collective projects. As Yammer continues to climb higher in its position as one of the top social platforms for SharePoint, they don’t skip a beat when considering the idea of teamwork and groups, comparable to the out-of-the-box communities available in SharePoint’s social platform.

The developers of CardioLog Analytics Yammer Social Reports considered the importance of time management, teamwork, and corporate culture, as did Yammer. As a result, collaboration in a virtual workspace was prioritized in the development of CardioLog Analytics Yammer Social Reports.

CardioLog Analytics’ main objective with The Groups Activity Report is to assist organizations in meeting collaborative goals and understanding team efforts. Generated in chart and table form with concrete data and metrics, CardioLog Analytics’ Yammer Groups Activity Report tracks most and least active groups, who is spearheading group efforts, and which group members might need extra support regarding specific topics, content, and activities.

Every organization wants to know where the packs are huddling. The CardioLog Analytics’ Groups Activity Report reveals your most active and least active groups on Yammer based on specific details such as group name, number of posts, likes, shares and the content that’s shared, providing intricate details about your organization. Acquire data based on posts, replies, likes, mentions, shares and a plethora of rich metadata stored within Yammer; creating further collaborative efforts both on and offline. Now with a clearer path ahead, teamwork is simplified and structured for the production of greener SharePoint social pastures for everyone.

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