Flattery Will Get You Everywhere! – Praised Users and Who’s Praising Them

Yammer Praised Users report

In every organization, there are hidden talents that might be overlooked or undiscovered. Yammer has created an encouraging and confidence booster-of-a-feature: the praise function, which the CardioLog Analytics Yammer Praised Users Reports sheds light on.

With a big sale closed, a grand project completed, or any task that deserves the applause of a virtual audience of colleagues, Yammer allows users to praise each other. This feature both inspires user engagement with its gratifying effects, along with promoting the efforts of contributing organization members who might be otherwise overlooked. Who’s raising the bar in your marketing department, closed a record sale for 2014, or initiated and brilliantly led a revolutionary project within your organization?

CardioLog Analytics Yammer Praised Users Report can both specify who the performing superstars are that are getting praise for their hard work, along with who’s praising them. Organizations can dig out the details on which individuals, departments, and offices may be excelling, and then reach out to point contacts.

The praise function and the Praised Users Report can help organizations raise individual morale while highlighting company achievements. Excellent marketing data is now at your fingertips for company public or internal promotion. For example, the marketing department can discover that the company has achieved top sales in its industry with the Praised Users Report, enabling marketers within your organization to use this data for public announcements at trade shows, for online campaigns, on blogs and more.

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