Yammer Analytics with CardioLog | External Activity


Regardless of your organization’s field of expertise, your portal and its social functions give way to internal communication. Centralizing communication with internal and external contacts is now possible with Yammer’s External Networks, a type of group within the platform. Are you and a partner alternating hours on communication with a big client and want to see each other’s correspondence? Or would you like to see information that’s being shared and know who your external contacts’ colleagues are that make decisions about the whole process?

Do it with a Yammer External Network and CardioLog Analytics Yammer External Activity Reports! Yammer offers both open External Networks, appearing to all members of any networks in your Yammer platform, or closed to those within the group only, and external contacts are not exposed to any other aspect of the social platform communication other than within this group. Privacy settings for members to join can be restricted.

With the CardioLog Analytics Yammer External Network Activity Report you can seek out the external contacts, organizations, and collaborative efforts from outside your establishment that drive productivity and progress. Find out the External Network names, members, and number of posts, likes, shares, and content pooled amongst partnering external organizations. Learn more about key external contacts and know which ones require more or less attention, how matters are progressing, and search content more easily on pertinent issues that are project related with all the rich metadata accessible within the External Group communication. Reach out to others and go the extra mile to improve collaborative efforts by identifying who needs it most and take further steps to reach goals with existing projects with outside teamwork efforts.

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