SharePoint Social Reporting


With SharePoint Online conquering the intranet, social collaboration is now at its peak. SharePoint Online offers a variety of out-of-the-box social features such as community building, personalized user profiles, rating and ranking, sharing content, liking content, and more.

Mixing and mingling with the social tools can play an integral role in user adoption levels, productivity, and generation of additional metadata within SharePoint sites. It is important to track usage of these features to maximize user adoption. CardioLog Analytics SharePoint Online Social Reports transform possibilities into factual and concrete data that can help you get a grip on the most fleeting and yet vital information:

Content Reports:

  • Most Popular Content – scope out the content that users are following, liking, and commenting on the most
  • Total number of likes in the social platform
  • Influential Content and Content Followers – content that’s being followed is important to identify and understanding who’s following which content can provide even deeper insights
  • Liked content – identify topics of discussion, how many likes each received, total number of likes overall
  • Rated Content and Average Ratings – evaluate which content is ranked highest or lowest, identify the content that’s ranked, understand the average rating of each topic, which users are ranking specific content and how they’re rating it
  • Content Contributions – find out which content is enriching your portal’s social site

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Users Reports:

  • User profiles – understand how many times others have viewed specific profiles, see the number of posts on the profile and comments
  • Users Activity – learn about who your users are, their number of posts, and number of comments
  • Influential Users – find out who your SharePoint social influencers are and how many followers they have
  • Average Number of Followers per User – indicates a collective average number of followers per user
  • Followers and Following Users – Pinpoint who’s doing the following and who they’re following
  • Average Number of Contributions per User
  • Content Contributors

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