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Your users are the prime reason for having a SharePoint site at all. It’s always important to make sure they’re getting involved on your SharePoint Social site as it is intended to be their main location for sharing ideas, thoughts, and valuable information with each other. Now with CardioLog Analytics you can get a sense of your users’ activity, profiles, their influence over other users, contributions and more.

User Profiles Reports – A Portrait is Worth a Thousand Words

User Profiles in SharePoint portals can give you a better vision of who your users are and what they bring to your portal and to others viewing their profile. When examining SharePoint Social, getting the fine details of your users’ profiles can elevate your understanding of individuals on the platform.

The latest facts on the number of people who have viewed profiles, visited profiles provide a sense of who your committed users are. CardioLog Analytics User Profile Reports include these statistics, in addition to the number of posts and comments on the user’s profile.

Influential Users: Inspiring Others Every Post of the Way

When someone is effectively influencing and impressing others, everyone wants to follow their lead. Wouldn’t you want to know who’s got everyone following their lead? If you’re a SharePoint Administrator, it could make a world of difference to know who’s catching the eye of others to bring these users to the surface of portal training efforts.

CardioLog Analytics’ Social Reports on Influential Users indicate who has the greatest number of followers so you can see who’s setting the standards for what people want to hear, read, and follow. These stats allow you to work through departments to see who might be in need of these experts’ insights and help, bringing them to the forefront of increased training efforts.

Users Activity Reports: Who’s Keeping Busy?

Not everyone gravitates towards social platforms and integrates them into a part of their daily routine. There are, however, active and eager users who create the statistics that SharePoint Social Reports by CardioLog Analytics generate.

You can shed some light on who your most and least active users are on your platform based on the number of posts and comments each user generates. Again, if we identify one of the key issues with social platforms as user adoption, these statistics can present the essential facts on which users are actively engaging on SharePoint Social and which might need a little extra push to get them participating in the platform. The advantages, of course, are locating the active users to see how they can encourage others who aren’t as eager to post and comment or to find out why those who are less active aren’t really using the platform.

Follower or Leader? Average Number of Followers per User, Number of Followers and Following Users.

So what differentiates a leader from a follower? A following. If numbers are indicating that people are watching your moves, checking out your posts, and eager to see your next social move on SharePoint, you’ve got a group of followers who are interested in your ideas. Maybe they like your writing style, perhaps they’re learning from you, but regardless they’ve got their ears and eyes open to see what you’re up to.

CardioLog Analytics generates reports on the Average Number of Followers per User, so you can get a sense of the average number of followers each leader has. In other words, you can learn more about your potential SharePoint Social evangelists that can guide others or interest them, and on average how many individuals are keeping an eye out for anything they may be sharing on the platform. To break things down even further, you can identify who’s doing the following and who they’re following, with names of each provided to get concrete data about your users and who is inspiring them. To take things to the ultimate level of comprehension you can even generate a table of who the influential users are, based on the number of followers.

Average Number of Contributions per User and Content Contributors – Giving Your Two Cents

What creates a portal’s social platform, other than the brilliant developer behind the scenes, is really the people and their contribution to the site. If you really want to know what’s happening center stage of your SharePoint Social platform, look for the content contributors. Knowing how often users are contributing to your site’s social platform on average can give you an overall sense of the need for others to really bring their ideas, thoughts and other contributions to their colleagues.

CardioLog Analytics provides reports on the average number of contributions per user so you can scan your social site for its productivity and how much your users are motivated to contribute content. Taking these stats one step further, you can also acquire the details on the posts and discussions that enrich your SharePoint Social site. This may give you an indication of which ideas and content should be more easily accessible to members of your organization overall, increasing productivity and saving them time on search.

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