Professional Services

The Only On-Premises and SaaS SharePoint Analytics Solution for Enterprises

Business Managers, Portal Analysts, and System Administrators are always looking for simple and valuable methods to optimize their SharePoint environment and understand it in even more detail to get the most out of their company’s investment.

We take our hats off to you, as you’ve already made a wise decision in acquiring CardioLog Analytics for your organization to ensure your portal’s functionality is at optimal levels. By generating the highest quality usage reports with a blend of superior engagement and collaboration tools, your portal can become an incomparable tool to help you further meet diverse business goals.

So what’s next?

How can you take your portal optimization even one step further, over and above the outstanding usage tracking and metrics CardioLog Analytics offers?

Our Professional Services offer you a highly customized plan and method for using CardioLog Analytics to best benefit you and your organization. We appreciate the challenges you face with your SharePoint environment, and our objective is to always make your goals easier to achieve.

As a valued client, we can provide a one-on-one service that offers you the opportunity to voice your SharePoint challenges and business needs, as our team of experts will listen to your objectives and create a personalized plan of execution to ensure you reach them. Our Professional Services Package is designed specifically and solely for you to get the best and the most out of your CardioLog Analytics acquisition, ultimately leading to your business having a lively, interactive, and thriving SharePoint portal, with adoption rates skyrocketing. Here’s how.

Custom Reports

Every client has their niche and market within which they aim to be a front-runner. CardioLog Analytics both empathizes and appreciates your drive to be a leader within your corporate domain. By building custom reports that best meet your requests, interests, and the desired data you’re eager to track, you can surpass your basic SharePoint goals and start achieving ones that may have seemed out of reach.
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Consulting Services

Our Consulting services are designed to ensure you not only understand the insights presented to you within your CardioLog Analytics reports but to extend your knowledge into a concrete plan that you and your consultant can develop hand-in-hand to meet your SharePoint business goals. We can help you learn how to successfully engage your users, give your user productivity a nice jolt and jump, and get your portal collaboration and optimization soaring.
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Enhanced Tracking

CardioLog Analytics stretches usage tracking to extensive lengths with the option to use Enhanced Tracking Reports which incorporate metrics on portal visitor interactions like button clicks, form field completion, videos that are viewed, as well as non-browser-based applications, like mobile applications and others.
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Data Integration

Businesses everywhere are hungry for more information on their lead activity within CRM databases. HR departments are looking to retain and satisfy employee needs while constantly considering the company’s budgets and corporate culture. With the various technology resources that are being implemented into organizations regularly, it would only seem logical to offer enterprises the opportunity to integrate Business Intelligence systems, (like CRM databases and/or HR systems, or any related type of application), with a usage tracking solution like CardioLog Analytics. So, we’ve done it.
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Data Optimization

Precision and accuracy are often the keys to success whenever any tool’s activity is measured to take it to its highest potential. With our tool measuring the statistics on the very data that could make or break the success of portal content management, its ease of use, content findability and so much more, all based on user needs and business goals, we’ve created a means for you to collect only the most relevant and precise data regarding your portal activity, while never comprising the most detailed information you would want to collect about your SharePoint site’s data.
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Data Export

CardioLog Analytics offers an extensive and diverse range of metrics that can be utilized in some of the most engaging ways when applied to your portal with creativity and consideration of user needs. With your raw data, you can transform your portal’s agility and efficiency by actively adapting your portal design, specific pages, links, banners and so much more.
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Feature Requests

As a company that values its customers’ needs with the goal of improving product innovation and ensuring customer satisfaction, the CardioLog Analytics Research and Development team is always open to feature requests and the insight of those using our solution. We aim to be leaders in our area of expertise with every move we make, be it Research and Development, Account Management, or Support Services. You can feel confident that your feature request will be treated with the greatest consideration of your business needs, in addition to being most appreciated and offering insight to our Research and Development team.
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