About Us


Intlock, developer of CardioLog Analytics, CardioLog Engage and Augmented Analytics has been a leader in the field of analytics for SharePoint, Microsoft 365 and Social Platforms such as Microsoft Teams for over a decade. Our solutions provide analytics, engagement and online marketing solutions for SMB, enterprise, governments and education organizations. CardioLog Analytics delivers deep insights into the performance of users within organizations, their portal, and social platform initiatives whereas CardioLog Engage targets users and employees, which together ultimately enable organizations to optimize their portal’s impact and maximize their return on investment. The solutions are available for both On-Premises and SaaS deployments.

Intlock is led by a team of experts in the fields of application development, knowledge management, analytics, engagement, portal monitoring and control, and software engineering. Its products and solutions are installed in organizations from various industries worldwide, including financial services, governments, telecommunications, entertainment services and others.

Intlock firmly believes that partner alliances are a beneficial way to help enhance the product as well as strengthen bonds within the SharePoint and Microsoft 365 communities. By working together, cost effectiveness and ease of implementation are greatly improved. Partner alliances shorten implementation times and enable the adaptation of the products to any technological environment a customer may have. If you wish to partner with Intlock, please contact us and we’ll be glad to return to you with our alliance offering.