Advisory Board

Arie Scope

Arie Scope is a seasoned executive of high-technology companies with extensive experience in building successful organizations.

Arie Scope gained his managerial and global experience while working for multinational high-technology firms such as IBM, Hewlett Packard and Microsoft, both in Israel & the US.

Arie Scope started the Microsoft subsidiary in Israel in 1989 and was its General Manager for 16 years. In 2005 he was promoted to Chairman of Microsoft Israel.

Prior to that, Arie Scope was a Marketing Manager at HP corporate in the U.S., the General Manager the HP office in Israel, and had various technical, marketing and sales positions at IBM Israel.

Arie Scope is highly involved with the high tech industry. He is a board of trustees’ member of two universities: the Technion Institute of Technology, and the Open University, he is also the chairman of several startup companies and a board member of several ICT companies.

Arie Scope is an experienced speaker and has lectured at various high tech conventions. He authored three books in computer science and one book on management. Arie Scope is an Adjunct Professor at Shenkar Engineering College and at the College of Management lecturing on Entrepreneurship, Management, and Organizational Behavior.

Romi Mahajan

Romi Mahajan is Founder and President of KKM Group, an Advisory company focused on Strategy and Marketing.

His most recent Corporate role was at Microsoft where he was WW Director of Sales and Strategy for the Digital Marketing & Search team. In this role, Romi focused on growing the Digital Marketing business for the company as well as helping define Microsoft’s increasing role in Internet Business.

Before this stint at Microsoft, Romi was Chief Marketing Officer of Ascentium Corporation, a leading digital agency with 96M in Sales in 2008.

During this first tenure at Microsoft, Mahajan spent over seven years in the company’s US business where his last role was as Director of Technical Audience & Platform Marketing. Earlier in his career, Mahajan started two boutique consulting companies specializing in technology and finance joint ventures between U.S. and Asian companies.

A well-known speaker on the technology and media circuit, Mahajan serves on a variety of Advisory Boards and speaks at over a dozen industry events per year. In addition, he has been published prolifically in the Technology press.

Mahajan graduated from the University of California at Berkeley, at the age of 19 with a Bachelor’s degree in South Asian Studies. He also received a Master’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

Intlock is one of the only software companies i have seen that built its products ground-up with active customer involvement. Unlike the ‘build it they will come’ companies, Intlock has created scalable software that’s at once generalizable across verticals and companies but works as though it was custom-built by hand for each customer. I’m proud therefore, and humbled, to be asked to be on the Advisory Board.”