Product Roadmap

CardioLog Analytics is constantly dedicated to helping you improve the effectiveness of your SharePoint portals and Office 365 environments. By embracing the newest technology and responding to customer feedback, CardioLog Analytics seeks to adapt our solution based on the most up-to-date innovations. Below is our analytics roadmap that details some of the new features, platforms supported, and changes on the horizon.

Augmented Analytics

Augmented Analytics drives SharePoint adoption and users productivity with NexGen SaaS-based data analytics maps and insights. Augmented Analytics pinpoints problematic areas on the SharePoint page so you can take action based on the data. What’s really neat about Augmented Analytics is that the insights are actionable because it connects directly to an action you can take to solve a problem on the platform. These actionable insights are extremely helpful because they serve as a guiding light for what you should prioritize on your platform to help drive business productivity. Visualizing the tracked data in different formats helps with easier interpretation and analysis.

Augmented Analytics features to include:

  • Click Map – Show what content on a page users mostly clicked on. Understand where your visitors are clicking within a particular page as well as the flow of clicks within the page which helps content owners track on-page user engagement, such as clicks on buttons, links, images to truly understand what does and doesn’t entice users’ interactions.
  • Heat Map – Heat maps aggregate all mouse activity to show which content was consumed the most and how much attention is spent on each part of the page Knowing what content and images your users like and pay attention to and what content is being ignored helps to truly understand the highest relevancy of content and what content can be moved, deleted or archived and in doing so build pages that give customers what they want, to improve engagement.
  • Mouse Trail Map – Shows the mouse movement of a specific session and text entered. With this feature you can see what your users are looking at within a page. By leveraging the mouse trail map, you can identify hover patterns that can help discover areas of high visitor frustration, which is useful when seeking to optimize complex pages made up of text, images, varied dynamic elements,and more and this real-time eye-tracking helps to get to get the largest insights into the interests and journey your users take whilst browsing content.
  • Scroll Map – The scroll map shows the page exposure level for every item on the page by showing how far down people scroll on the page. With this information you’ll be able to make sure relevant content, links, and calls to action are seen by the vast majority of your visitors, and most importantly how far users are getting through the article before they drop off. This will eliminate any guesswork for exposure level and action can be taken to avoid a lot of content being missed by visitors simply due to the position on the page.

Actionable Insights

Augmented Analytics’ insights are actionable because it connects directly to an action you can take to solve a problem on the platform. These actionable insights are extremely helpful because they serve as a guiding light for what you should prioritize on your platform to help drive business productivity.

Augmented Analytics’ meaningful insights take you step by step in order to improve your site or content.

Insights include:

  • Navigation Insights
    • Find out where to add links to pages users will most likely end up on.
    • Learn which content is recommended to surface on your homepage, and add links to pages people are consistently navigating to internally, and thus highly important for them.
  • Article links optimization
    • Optimize article content that people spend the least time on
    • Surface important content that is placed where people do not scroll down to
    • Find out which topics are recommended to expand on based on what people are interested in.
  • Skipped content insights– Shows content that most people skip over so action can be taken to delete, archive or surface it.
  • Device usage insights
    • Shows viewing time for visitors using desktop browsers compared to mobile devices and suggestions that will improve their mobile viewing experience.
    • Insights about which browser the click through rate for links, buttons, or images was higher in.
  • Unused content insights
    • Detect unused links that are located in areas of the page that most visitors do not reach
    • Learn how much much money is lost on creating and storing unused content

Advanced Data Filtering

  • By date
  • Bu user department
  • By geography
  • By office
  • By specific user

Sentiment Analysis

Seeing as how incredibly valuable it can be, we will be adding Sentiment Analysis to CardioLog Analytics as well as CardioLog Engage. Sentiment Analysis automatically determines the emotional tone behind online conversations and feedback. It is basically the process of detecting positive or negative sentiment in text. CardioLog Analytics will soon help organizations to detect sentiment in social data, and understand employees. We will integrate sentiment analysis into our reports for social platforms, including Teams, Yammer, SharePoint social to help organizations to interpret user feedback, questions and queries in order to better support them or inform management what is needed in terms of training. These extra insights will also enhance the usability of the platforms to ensure that the users are more productive and collaborative in the platforms.

CardioLog Engage will add sentiments analysis to its campaign responses which will be very useful to understand the response for the open text type response to help to better understand user feedback to give them the right support and training.

Sentiment Analysis will significantly help organizations to sort data at scale, identify critical issues in real-time and improve accuracy and gain better insights because criteria is more consistent.

Insights and benchmarks in our Power BI reports

CardioLog Analytics will be adding new high level insights to our dashboards. We will embed it into our existing reports and add insights about the data to help you identify opportunities to improve productivity and satisfaction, and recommend actions that can be taken to help your organization. CardioLog Analytics will provide high level insights about usage and also give recommendations to give users a better experience and how they can be more productive.

This will include:

  • Tracking and assessing content collaboration, mobility, communication, meetings, and teamwork to see how the users are using Microsoft 365.
  • High level insights about the data to help you understand it better and to help identify opportunities to improve productivity and satisfaction in your organization, such as site level insights which will be presented when hovering over visuals.
  • Recommended actions you can take to make it simpler for you to know how to take action, such as recommending sharing content via the cloud instead of emailing, for example which will create many benefits. These recommendations will not only include what can be done to help improve productivity and satisfaction amongst your users, but also recommendations about performance of the platform to achieve organizational effectiveness and get that all important ROI.

Microsoft Viva

Microsoft’s employee experience platform Microsoft Viva aims to bring information to Teams users in context. It enables Teams users to stay connected to others, see Important company information needed to be successful, Analytics on user behavior, Knowledge discovery and Teams training in one place, in other word all of this within the Teams application.

Viva is made up out of 4 applications which CardioLog Analytics will track:

  • The connections portal right within Teams where users could see communication from their company.
  • Insights, workplace analytics that gives managers a better understanding of workers behavior and that helps to pinpoint any possible issues.
  • Viva topics, which brings information directly to users when they need it (on the Teams platform). Artificial intelligence gives brief overviews on content when users hover over it, in order to know what it’s about and whether they want to know more.
  • Microsoft Learning, the learning portal where users go in Viva if they require training. The training content could come from LinkedIn, Microsoft learning or customers’ own training content.

Viva is all about bringing help and training and other information to employees in the context of their environment, in the flow of their work and also at the time that they really need it. With Viva they have the help and the information they need right at their fingertips, and by monitoring the use of Viva, organizations can ensure that users are as productive and collaborative as possible by using these great features.

CardioLog Analytics Q&A bot in Teams

With CardioLog Analytics Q&A bot in Teams users can get insights about usage in Office 365 quickly and easily. By simply chatting with your bot and starting to ask questions, users can get valuable answers from the bot that will help them be more productive and get the necessary support for themselves or other users.

With this new feature, you can easily get insights such as all the users who did not take advantage of the new content or all the users who did not view the new important policy.

The easiest way to get insights about Office 365 usage will be to quickly ask the bot a simple question such as

  • How many views did the CEO’ blog in SharePoint get on a particular day?
  • What was the last activity date for a specific Team?
  • What is the percentage of inactive users in a specific Team?
  • What are the least used apps in Teams in a particular time frame.
  • Who are the most influential users in Yammer?
  • What are the most popular topics in Yammer?
  • Who are the most inactive users in OneDrive?

Microsoft Office 365 App Tracking


Groups is an app within Microsoft Office 365 that allows users to connect with colleagues and share information in order to increase collaboration. Groups are meant to enhance sharing in order to increase productivity and get more done within the organization. CardioLog Analytics will provide reports such as which content is being shared the most and which content is being shared the least in order to enhance discoverability and sharing.

Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream is a video service in Microsoft Office 365 that allows users to easily upload and share videos across the platform. This feature helps keep users engaged and informed which helps users communicate ideas more smoothly and efficiently. CardioLog Analytics can report on which content is being viewed the most and can also track the number of times a user has clicked on a certain video in order to effectively address any issues with engagement, helping to increase productivity within the organization.

Special Web parts

New web parts will be available to add to your site. These web parts include reports like Top Contributing Users, Content You May Like and more.

Disclaimer from Our Legal Department:

The information contained herein is intended to outline general product direction. The content is for informational purposes only and may not be incorporated into any contract. The information presented is not a commitment, promise, or legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality. Any references to the development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for these products remains at Intlock’s sole discretion.