How to Drive User Adoption to Increase SharePoint Productivity

A well planned our end-user adoption strategy is critical for creating a successful SharePoint portal. By measuring end-user adoption levels, organizations can get a holistic idea of how their portal is performing, as well as how their end-users are interacting and engaging within the portal. High end-user adoption rates are a strong indicator of a healthy portal, thats providing value to its users and generating a fruitful return on investment.

Many organizations these days are utilizing SharePoint and Office 365 analytics, but they’re not sure how to take this data and turn it into insights. Many analytics users are left feeling lost among the copious amounts of information provided around the SharePoint portal. Yet, a great report is one that tells a story. Thus, a report that purely provides information, but doesn’t provide the tools and insights to let that user take action, is essentially useless. CardioLog Analytics has focused on creating reports that can be built in ways that help users know how they should meausre their portal goals and that allow them to take action to improve their portal for their end-users.

Organizations can monitor and identify end-user needs by generating reports and metrics to understand portal trends. They can use these reports to understand how many active users they have compared to their total users, what is their end-user bounce rate, what the depth of the end-user visit is on average, who are their inactive users and groups, what obstacles are preventing users from finding content they need in their search schema and more. A number of visualizations can be provided to help portal administrators, team site leaders, and stakeholders review these reports. Combining all these pieces of the puzzle together can give portal stakeholders and management a clear idea of where their portal is headed and its overall health level.

CardioLog Analytics is teaming up with Ishai Sagi, SharePoint Expert and Chief SharePoint Solutions Architect of Extelligent design, for a collaborative webinar to provide valuable metrics and insights on SharePoint adoption, as well as expert consulting advice to help you take this valuable data and turn it into action. The webinar will take place on Wednesday, September 21st at 3:00 PM AEST.


SharePoint and Office 365 Adoption Webinar


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About Ishai Sagi:

Ishai is the Chief SharePoint Solutions Architect of Extelligent Design (, and heads the company’s information management and custom development team.

A SharePoint expert since 2001, Ishai has worked for several consulting companies and developed many SharePoint solutions. Ishai is one of the few world experts working on SharePoint since its initial release (SharePoint 2001). For the last 7 years, Ishai has been almost exclusively consulting the Australian Federal Government on SharePoint implementations, with clients such as The Treasury, Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Department of Social Services, Department of Broadband and more. Ishai is an expert in deploying both intranets and collaboration environments successfully for his clients, and one of his recent projects won the Australia Day award for best project of the year for over delivering under budget.

Between the years 2007 and 2014 he was awarded the Microsoft SharePoint Server Most Valuable Professional award by Microsoft, has won two consecutive SharePoint Idol competitions, and has been certified for multiple SharePoint related certifications, including Microsoft Certifications Technology Specialist with certifications in both SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 development.

Finally, Ishai is the author of a popular SharePoint development blog: