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The Leading AI Analytics & Engagement Solution
Driving Adoption, Productivity and Gamification
for all Microsoft 365 Apps and SharePoint Portals
The Leading AI Analytics & Engagement Solution Driving Adoption, Productivity and Gamification for all Microsoft 365 Apps and SharePoint Portals

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to boost your organization’s productivity
Enhanced analytics help to monitor and optimize business content, improve how services are being used, streamline operations, and gain real-time, accurate and actionable insights.
Personalized engagement enables companies to target employees based on their behavior via email, SMS, outbound calls, or directly with a pop-up on the Microsoft 365 portal.
Our AI-Driven visualized data analytics enable you to drive SharePoint Adoption and user productivity with heatmaps and insights.
Gamify helps to revolutionize Microsoft 365 via the power of gaming. Fun badges and points challenge employees to try to outrank their colleagues in a competitive and rewarding work environment.


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Microsoft 365 Apps

The SharePoint & Microsoft 365 environments that we integrate with

CardioLog Analytics provides enriched reports that reveal deep insights into SharePoint - by tracking user behavior, gathering advanced data and connecting to SharePoint source, it makes it easy to monitor, improve and boost adoption.

CardioLog Analytics provides accurate and insightful information about SharePoint usage, based on the structure and content of your site. It enables organizations to improve the usability of your intranet, engage your users, drive portal collaboration, boost your ROI, and enhance the overall productivity of your business by using these actionable insights together with CardioLog Engages’ campaigns to drive users to be more active and engaged in the SharePoint portal.

CardioLog Analytics helps you to optimize Teams performance. Instantly Analyze your Team’s data in the cloud. You can track activity and usage on a sustained basis to know what is going on on this platform and identify usage and adoption patterns. It is important for organizations to drive the adoption, consumption and collaboration in the platform in order to connect employees to each other and leverage Teams’ powerful content, thus improving business value.

CardioLog Analytics’s in-deph reports on how your users are interacting in Teams enables you to track the Teams adoption and usage that matter most to you and drive users to adopt Teams to its full capacity.

CardioLog Analytics for OneDrive aims to increase the solution’s adoption within organization from diverse verticals, while letting you drill down to understand the details and trends of OneDrive accounts, how many files users have interacted with, shared with and much more. It allows you to increase collaboration and boost adoption with actionable insights for your stakeholders.

You can gain an understanding of which content is most meaningful to users.
Use this knowledge to provide training and additional content for users.
CardioLog Analytics helps organizations to optimize OneDrive adoption, productivity and usage.

As part of the social platform technological revolution, CardioLog Analytics for Viva Engage (Yammer) is riding the social wave with reporting insights on Viva Engage (Yammer) user adoption, influential end users, and community activity. The ability to identify evangelists, praise go-getters, and reach out to external contacts is at your fingertips with Viva Engage (Yammer) reports. CardioLog Analytics provides deep social analytics for your Viva Engage (Yammer) network.

Key metrics help organizations understand the health of their network and collaboration efforts and how engaged users are so they can communicate, share files, and work together in communities. CardioLog Analytics help create a Viva Engage (Yammer) universe that increases engagement, productivity and portal user adoption by determining what matters require the most attention and which community members might need extra support regarding content, activities, and topics.

CardioLog Analytics for Microsoft Exchange provides valuable insights to enhance user adoption and productivity across your organization. Track active versus inactive users, monitor storage usage, and analyze the email apps being used. Gain detailed information about email traffic by department, user adoption rates, and the number of recipients per email. This level of insight helps you understand and improve how your organization utilizes Microsoft Exchange, driving efficiency and better communication practices.

By examining metrics such as top distribution lists, storage used, and the percentage of emails with attachments, CardioLog Analytics empowers organizations to optimize their email strategies. These insights enable targeted training, improved resource allocation, and enhanced user support, ensuring that your Microsoft Exchange environment operates at peak performance.

Our offering

Adoption and Productivity Suite for Microsoft 365 - Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange & Viva Engage (Yammer)
In-depth Microsoft 365 analytics, insights, trends, adoption, productivity and usage reports
Connect to your Teams and portal users to increase user adoption and boost overall consumption
Ease migration, improve user productivity, enhance Microsoft 365 consumption and ensure portal ROI
Increase portal adoption and productivity with gamification techniques

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Quote CardioLog Analytics helps customers optimize their business operations and gain real-time data faster Quote – Kirsten Edmondson Wolfe, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Microsoft Corp.


Intlock, the developer of CardioLog Analytics, CardioLog Engage, and CardioLog Enforce, has been an adoption leader in the field of analytics and engagement solutions for all SharePoint on-prem versions and Microsoft 365 platforms, including Teams, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Viva Engage (Yammer), Exchange and other platforms for over 15 years. Our products for SMB and enterprise-level, increase adoption, boost consumption and deliver deep insights into the performance of the entire SharePoint and Microsoft 365 application initiatives through tracking, targeting and securing, ultimately enabling organizations to optimize their portal and applications’ impact and maximize their return on investment. The solutions are available for both On-Premises and SaaS deployments.

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