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Yammer Followers reportIn the world of Enterprise Social Networks, within SharePoint and otherwise, there are shepherds and there are sheep. That being said, and one can’t really live without the other when it comes to the correlative and codependent relationship between them – and this is by no means in anyway meant as a negative comment. Shepherds sustain themselves with the flock they nurture and herd, and sheep ultimately come to their shepherds for nurturing. An analogy while it may be, the relationship between Yammer followers and those being followed is a vital metric to track within your SharePoint Yammer activity, and with CardioLog Analytics Yammer Followers Reports you can identify who’s following your Yammer evangelists.

Find out who’s gravitating to your chief Yammer shepherds, your Yammer evangelists, and pick out the exact names of those following one particular user. A succinct and simple table presents the list of followers of one specific user at a time. As soon as you know who’s following who, you can then take that data, look into the followers profiles and see which groups they belong to, which posts their liking and praising, what discussions their involved in and even go as far as digging into those groups to see how much love your evangelist is getting from that follower in which context, subject, and more.

A simple and user friendly report to generate, the Yammer Followers Reports only requires CardioLog Analytics users to type in a specific user’s name, and the neat and tidy table of names of each follower of that specific user is then generated. Easy as pie. Shepherd’s SharePoint Yammer Pie. Yum.

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