Part Of A Healthy And Balanced Yammer Lifestyle – Active Groups Reports

Yammer - Active Groups

Did anyone ever tell you that being actively involved in teamwork and group collaboration is a part of maintaining a healthy Yammer environment? The best way to do this is by analyzing your Yammer Active Groups with CardioLog Analytics’ Yammer Active Groups Reports. With two easy-to-use widgets, a meter, and chart, our reports present the metrics of active groups within your Yammer efficiently.

The meter displays the total number of active groups, defined by groups whose members are actively adding content such as posts, replies, likes, shares, and attachments in Yammer. Our chart widget offers the same data, visually presented from a different angle while adding to the knowledge you acquire from the meter by indicating the active group growth rate over time, ranging from hourly to annually. The Active Groups Reports address the diverse visual needs of users, as our developers always have our users and their varying needs in mind.

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