Post, Post, Post Away! Got The Message? – Messages Posted Reports

Yammer- messages posted

There’s a burst of energy that’s injected into enterprise social networks when the conversations, posts, discussions and all that unceasing chit-chat starts to spark interest. Yammer is without question one of the hottest social platforms integrated into SharePoint portals with its popularity growing daily. CardioLog Analytics’ Yammer Messages Posted Report offers a magnified vision of the total number of public posts within your Yammer platform as this report gives you a full view of your messages posted.

Our clean and efficient meter’s indicator shows you the number of posts within your SharePoint Yammer site over a specific period of time. This report gives you the option to filter the statistics generated according to visitor segments, time ranges and more. This report also offers the option to generate data within a chart widget, for those who wish to see the stepping stones, ups and downs, growth patterns and plateaus of the number of messages posted over time. Let us do the work to help you envision a Yammer platform within your SharePoint portal with higher levels of message contribution, user volume and increased message posting rates. Get the stats, and get social.

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