Influential Content Reports

yammer- influential content

Every collector looks for the most priceless items and trinkets to add to their assemblage to awe the public, along with other pieces that he may gather to simply embellish and broaden his collection. Similarly, there is content within your SharePoint Yammer platform that evokes less of a response from users, both in interest, usage and appeal, while other content truly provides worth and reason for users to access it, rank it and share it. CardioLog Analytics Influential Content Reports provides the deepest insights on the content that is most frequently followed and shared, ranked statistically by the number of followers and shares each content item has acquired.

With CardioLog Analytics’ Influential Content Report, organizations can identify more than just content that is being used, but rather which content is seemingly most meaningful to users with their interest to spread the wealth and enriching insight the content offers with others. In a succinct table widget, the number of followers and shares of specific content is listed in detail, be it a file, video, document or any content type that is compatible within Yammer. Find your most influential content today and get your SharePoint Yammer users accessing it both with ease and fluidity.

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