Peer Pressure – Who’s Yammering Away and Influencing Others?

Yammer Influential Users report

Whenever a solution is rolled out within an organization, there’s always going to be those who are excited to use the new product, those who aren’t, and those who don’t know how to use it yet. When you can pick out the leaders of the pack from your inactive users on a platform like Yammer, you’re definitely ahead of the game. Yammer and its users have the fantastic ability to connect individuals from different departments and offices. Senior Marketing Manager of Office A and VP of Marketing 5000 km away in office Z now have an avenue to communicate, collaborate, and express their ideas in a shared platform, with a bona fide newsfeed, groups, and much more within their information hub – their portal.

While senior management or organization leaders may be registered for the platform, it doesn’t mean they’re the ones encouraging their colleagues to use the software. So who is?

The Influential Users Report will tell you who’s stepping up to the Yammer podium and has listeners – The Influential Users Report will tell you the exact names of your Yammer “Main Speakers” influencing the crowds, along with how many people are following them.

With drill-down capabilities, this fresh feature can elaborate on vital information regarding your Yammer gurus as well as your inactive users, such as their exact department, project, or office. By providing the metrics of users’ Yammer performance, the Influential Users Report can help you zone in on your needs for training, workshops, and other possibilities to help those in need of more knowledge, perhaps with your Yammer zealots giving sage advice and helping organize additional assistance and development.

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