Because Every Little Bit Of Content Counts – Content Contribution Reports

Yammer- content contributions

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just pleasantly unload a bunch of Yammer portal content on a scale and weigh it in one go, just to get a sense in physical weight what all of your content contributions are worth? Like a pile of documents, CDs, or videos, or pictures? Likewise, wouldn’t it be ideal if you could use one powerful tool that digitally collects and measures the usage data of your organization’s content contributions within your SharePoint Yammer platform, ranging from PDF files, Microsoft Word documents, audio and video files, jpeg and all image format types and more? No problem portal pros! CardioLog Analytics Content Contributions Report for Yammer outweighs any other option to acquire this data.

CardioLog Analytics’ Content Contributions reports opens you up to a refreshing treasure chest full of sparkling insights regarding your SharePoint Yammer environment’s content added. This reports allows you to generate statistics that indicate how many content contributions are made hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or even annually. With two user-friendly widgets, a meter and chart, CardioLog Analytics’ can easily offer insight on those diamonds in the rough you’re looking for – the data on your most precious content that’s being contributed to your SharePoint Yammer platform. After you’ve assessed what type of content is being contributed in the largest sums, and what the growth rate of specific content files are over a period of time, you can transform your portal into not only a diamond, but a high quality one that dazzles all users by identifying which content items and resources are indeed assets to specific visitors, departments and to all users overall.

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